Students Pie Professors for Puerto Rico

Oct. 27, 2017, Regent University’s campus was filled with catharsis as students gathered around their professors and hurled pies at them… for a good cause, of course.

In the wake of the tragedy that has happened to Puerto Rico, students on campus put together a fundraiser to contribute towards supplies for the families in need. The funds come from students buying pies to throw at professors, who volunteered for the event.

This semester Lilia Helstrom, a senior at Regent, is taking Making of a Christian Leader—a course that deals with different types of leadership and asks students what it looks like when they use their leadership skills for Christ. When she heard about the devastation that happened to the island, she saw an opportunity to help. With the go-ahead from her professor, and the help of her classmates, she put on the “Pie a Professor for Puerto Rico” fundraiser.


While some professors simply showed up and braced themselves for the wrath of the students’ pies, one specific professor stood out due to his gung-ho attitude. Professor Nicholas Higgins put his wallet on the table where the pies were being made. He announced to the students running the event—and others waiting to pie a professor—that he would double any donation that a student made for a pie if they allowed him to throw one back. If a student donated five dollars to pie a professor, Higgins would donate ten dollars in order to defend himself with a pie.

The momentum from this proposition was felt immediately.

Students started lining up in order to take on Higgins. Others preferred to pie professors that wouldn’t fight back. Then, almost as if they could hear professor Higgins’ proposition, a full class of Criminal Justice majors walked around the corner lead by Professor Webb, who funded his entire class to join the fundraiser.


Let it be said that Regent University helped Puerto Rico when they needed it. Let it also be said that they had a lot of fun while doing it.

Although this was a one time event, there are still other ways Regent is helping Puerto Rico! In Robertson Hall and the Library lobby, there are boxes for the “Picking Up Puerto Rico” Drive! The Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA) have started this drive, which both graduate and undergraduate students can participate in. HLSA is accepting clothes, water, food, and other practical items until Nov. 15. A detailed list of items can be found on each donation box. For more information, contact

Joél Casanova is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner.