Star Wars Battlefront: First Impressions

Casual gamers welcomed.

I’ve played just under 10 hours of this Star Wars Battlefront and I’ll say that it’s great, if a little shallow. There’s no real campaign option here and the multi-player is not a new formula – the game isn’t winning awards for new gameplay.

However, Star Wars Battlefront will definitely win some awards for one of the truest recreations of a cinematic world in a game ever. Seriously, it’s a gorgeous game. Since this is EA’s first foray into the world under a 10 year exclusive contract with Disney, I imagine the shallow gameplay combined with the gorgeous world is on purpose – EA’s got more cards to play.

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The game absolutely nails the Star Wars world, the sounds, sights, etc. but I wished the single player options were a little more dense or my multi-player lives lasted longer than 30 seconds and 2 hits.

Either way, this game is entertaining. I love it, and it’s one of the few games of this console generation that is just plain and simple fun to play. You’r not entering the hard charging world of Halo here, or the pause free game of Destiny, nor the burnt out never ending world of Fallout. This is Star Wars, this is fun.

P.S. The explosions in this game are gorgeous.

Dylan Johnson is the Managing Editor at the Daily Runner.