Spoiler Free! Avengers Infinity War review

The long-awaited star-studded third installment of Marvel’s “Avengers” is finally here. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and produced by Kevin Feige: Avengers Infinity War. 

For a film with such an immense cast there is not a moment in the movie that isn’t important. Immediately as the comic book pages flip in Marvel’s signature opening, the action begins. Due to the large number of actors, and therefore characters, it takes the first hour of the 2.5 hour movie to introduce everyone. Although a person could comprehend the plot of the movie without watching the other Marvel movies leading up to “Infinity War,” the film is more easily understood if the events of previous movies are grasped. The score certainly aids in the tension of the movie and is well composed, creatively adapting to certain characters as they appear in the film.

What works

The writers cleverly balanced comedy with action which added an interesting dynamic not present in the past two Avengers films. The main source of comedy comes from the many characters meeting for the first time and attempting to work together to save the universe. Depending on the size of the audience, it is likely the dialogue is inaudible at times because of laughter. Each character brings something different into the film which often culminates in hilarious ways. The comedy in the film definitely works.

The main character of the film is Thanos, whose end goal is destruction. Although Thanos is a villain, he is portrayed in a way that the viewers can almost empathize with him. This is a testament to both the skills of the production team and the actor Josh Brolin, who portrays the villain. This combination works because together they craftily create an interesting and human-like villain, unlike the previous one (Ultron).

What doesn’t (quite) work

The thing that hinders the movie the most is the lack of character development. So much time is spent in different parts of the universe with various characters that it is hard to see any development further than what is seen in the characters individual films. The focus is on the villain rather than a single good character, and although it brings an interesting dynamic, can be frustrating to the viewer.

The film is PG-13, so there is a fair amount of gore involved, after all it is a battle for the universe. Some of the jokes have crude connotations which is not something that is considered good. Again, with the universe being at stake there are profanities expressed at times, but since they are few and far between the film does not suffer too much. One inconsistent aspect of the movie based on past ones is that a character loses the accent from their native country which could be seen as either poor acting or poor production (allowing it to be overlooked).


Overall, Avengers: Infinity War is worth your time, especially if you’re a fan of movies with cleaver humor, exhilarating action, fun character team-ups, stunning visual effects, and well-crafted scores. If you choose to see this movie, make sure you stay to the end, so you don’t miss any action. If you haven’t watched all the movies but still want to see Infinity War, then find a quick summary video so you can grasp the concepts of the plot well. Be careful if you don’t like violence, however, because the film is based upon it. Whether you choose to watch it, or not may this article help in your decision process.


Haylee Caldwell is a contributor to the Daily Runner.