2nd Generation Regent University Students: Hope Lillemo

Legacy students have been able to share a special bond with Regent University, not only with its exceptional education but also through the rich history it holds for them. Regent University was founded in 1977, providing the opportunity for alumni’s children or even grandchildren to attend Regent University. Regent University’s motto of “Christian Leaders to Change the World” includes those leaders teaching their children, and those children following in their parent’s footsteps.

Included in Regent University’s legacy students is second-generation student Hope Lillemo. Hope has many ties to Regent that are unique to her story. Hope’s father graduated from Regent University Law School in 2006. Hope spent a portion of her childhood growing up in the Regent University Village while her father attended Regent University Law School. 

Hope’s father served as an inspiration to both her and her siblings. Hope’s brother, Samuel Lillemo, graduated in 2019 from Regent University with a degree in Biblical Studies. Her sister, Hannah Lillemo, graduated from Regent University with a degree in International Studies in 2020. Alongside Hope, her twin sister Charity is pursuing a degree in Biophysical Science while Hope is pursuing a degree in Communication. All of the Lillemo siblings considered other colleges and universities, but like their father, they decided Regent was the best place to invest in their future. The Lillemo’s enjoy conversing about the similarities and differences during their times at Regent. Although the school has a larger undergraduate program now with different opportunities, it still holds the same values and mindset throughout the time the Lillemos have been integrated into Regent University’s various programs.

Hope and her father enjoy conversing about the educational and spiritual growth they have both encountered during their time at Regent University. When asked what being a legacy student means to her, Hope replied “Being a legacy student means I get to enjoy how Regent has blessed my family in the past and the present.” Many students come to view Regent as a home, but for the Lillemo’s, Regent is not only home, but also an integral part of their family’s beautiful history. 


Emily Coston

Emily Coston is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.