SAB Hosts Sadie Hawkins 2022

On March 25, Regent’s Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted a Sadie Hawkins Dance at the Founder’s Inn. The night was full of fun, glitter, and glamor, giving students a breather from the stress of school work. Students had a great time singing along to their favorite songs and dancing for two hours straight. Everyone was dressed to the nines and embodied the glittery theme. 

Before entering the ballroom where the dance was held, students had the opportunity to take photos against a sparkling backdrop surrounded by shiny pink and purple balloons. To enter the dance, the students walked through a glittery streamer curtain, allowing them to feel like movie stars ready to wow the crowd. Inside, strobe lights emanated streaks of color from DJ Trae’s stage. On either side of the DJ’s stage was a small cutout cityscape, making it feel like you were partying in New York City. Buffet tables covered with glitter were placed in the back corners and served chicken kabobs and mini cupcakes with purple icing. All of these small details gave the dance a glamorous feel. 

During the dance, DJ Trae played music ranging from the 1970s to the early 2000s to today’s hits. He started the night off with the Cupid Shuffle, which gave the students the courage to dance with one another. Overall, Sadies provided a great opportunity for students to come together and hang out. SAB did a great job with this dance, making sure every detail was considered. I cannot wait for the next dance they host! 

Note: Here’s a link to SAB’s folder for more pictures of the dance.