SAB Builds Community through Sadie Hawkins Dance

On Friday, March 31, 2023, Regent University’s Student Activities Board hosted its annual Sadie Hawkins dance. The Sadie Hawkins dance is just one of the many events SAB hosts throughout the school year. These extracurricular activities provide students the opportunity to make friends, reduce stress, and, most importantly, have fun! 

“Glow through the 80s” was this year’s theme, and the Founders Inn was decorated as the perfect disco party destination. As the night started, most students arrived in theme, featuring the radiant and ostentatious colors of the 80s. Flashes of the rainbow and glowy accessories filled the dark room with disco lights!

Surrounded by students from all over the campus, the SAB team perfected the atmosphere when walking in the door. Mini tables were scattered throughout the venue, allowing you to take a break from the excitement and store your personal items. The 80s-inspired flashing lights from accessories like neon rings, bracelets, and glow sticks tied everything together! 

The night was just beginning with a hype crowd, light finger food, and an inviting dance floor. The music was a key component of this evening, and the DJ played a few songs by 80s legends like Sister Sledge, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Sadie Hawkins was a massive success for SAB, allowing new and old students to enjoy time with the  Regent community. Freshman Shalom Williams stated, “These events reach all students across campus … and not one particular group.” Many students are afraid to branch out and join these events due to not feeling comfortable or included. Nevertheless, SAB is fantastic at accommodating anyone despite how they may feel. 

Even though SAB has had many different events and leaders throughout its time here, its primary goal is to be here for the students. No matter if you are a first or fourth-year student, and regardless if you have an interest in athletics, theater, or gaming, there are sure to be some activities that will grab your attention.

Involvement in these activities plays an integral role in the collegiate experience. Senior Chris Fluerima pointed out the importance of these events in fostering relationships. He said, “These events are a great way to create long-lasting friendships.” 

When you consciously support student organizations by attending events such as the Sadie Hawkins dance, you realize how important community is to a successful college experience. College student life has its challenges, but with a group like SAB, you can find the community to push you to be a better person!