RU Informed: News Wrap

Local News: Squirrel Causes Major Power Outage

This past Wednesday a squirrel entered a Dominion Energy substation, causing a huge power outage in the VA Beach area. The squirrel managed to get in between the circuit breaker and the transformer, which led to a power surge and the transformer failing. Over 10,000 people lost power due to this, including several schools. Dominion Energy responded quickly, and power was restored within a couple hours of the outage. Unfortunately, the squirrel did not survive its adventure and died in the power surge. 

State News: VA General Assembly Undecided on Abortion Rights

Virginia’s General Assembly called a special session this past Wednesday to focus on the selection of judges. Many people speculated that Governor Youngkin wished to use this special session to push through new abortion legislation, and pro-abortion supporters showed up to protest outside the State Capitol. Youngkin has been very vocal about his desire to place a 15-week ban on abortions since the lifting of federal regulations. However, he was not present at the special session and the Republican lawmakers made it clear they are choosing to wait until the regular session to begin discussions of abortion legislation. 

National News: Woman Abducted While Running Found Dead

On September 2, Eliza Fletcher was abducted while going for an early morning run in Memphis, TN. She was forced into a dark-colored SUV by a male suspect near the University of Memphis. Her personal belongings were found nearby, but she was missing for several days. The FBI and Tennessee police began an investigation immediately. A few days later, Fletcher’s body was found several miles from where she was assaulted, and Cleotha Abston was arrested. He has been charged with kidnapping and murder. While Abston is in custody, the case is still ongoing and investigators are trying to determine if anyone else was involved in the abduction and murder. Eliza Fletcher was a school teacher and taught at St. Mary’s Episcopal School. The day after her body was found the school lit candles and had a short chapel service to honor her memory. 

International News: Queen Elizabeth Dies at Age 96

Hours after her doctors announced concern over her health, Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral Palace. Her passing has impacted many as she ascended to the throne in 1952 and was cherished during her 70-year reign. While she was queen, she met 15 British Prime Ministers and 13 U.S. presidents. Her son, Prince Charles, will take over as king with his wife, Camilla, serving as the Queen Consort. They will be returning to London from Scotland after a period of mourning and will make a statement regarding the future of their nation. 


Emilee Speier

Emilee Speier is a senior studying journalism and criminal justice. In addition to working at the Daily Runner, she has also completed internships with Lifeway Christian Resources and the Virginia Beach General District Court.