Ride or Fry: Why I Think All College Students Need an Air Fryer

When it’s time to buy appliances for your dorm, we all know the essentials: a toaster, a blender, and a coffee maker. But I’d like to add the Air Fryer to this list. As highly versatile appliances, Air Fryers have a multitude of benefits which make them perfect for the college student. Here are just a few of the benefits that they provide.

Cooking Vegetables and Meat

In college, with time and money often restrained, you have to make the best decisions to maximize both. Most people want to eat well, but not spend all their money on Hot Pockets. If you’re craving something more filling, an Air Fryer is the perfect tool. One suggestion is to buy a package of frozen vegetables. Just throw them in the Air Fryer with some seasoning and cooking spray to cook for about ten minutes. You will be left with a delicious side of roasted vegetables that will last you a couple meals at a fraction of the cost. For your entree, cut up and season a chicken breast and cook it in the Air Fryer for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees. You are left with a satisfying meal of chicken nuggets and vegetables. 

Cuts Baking and Frying Time in Half

One of my least favorite parts about making fries is waiting for the oven to preheat. Most Air Fryers do not need this function, and if they do, it only takes a couple minutes. Not only is the preheat time less, the cooking time shrinks substantially. Usually, when baking chicken tenders in the oven, the package will say to flip them halfway through cooking. With an Air Fryer, you only need to cook your food once, and it comes out crispier than the oven. 

Microwave Replacement

When it comes to leftovers, I often use my Air Fryer more than my microwave. Instead of heating up a piece of leftover pizza in the microwave and being left with a soggy slice, an Air Fryer will actually re-heat it while crisping it. Sometimes, it tastes better than the day it was bought. This method can be used for a variety of food such as fried chicken, day-old takeout, leftover appetizers, and more. If I’m reheating a messier meal, I will lay down a small sheet of tin foil to avoid the tray getting too messy. It only takes a couple minutes on a low temperature and the food is reheated through the middle. 

These are just a few reasons you should definitely consider an Air Fryer in your college life. You won’t regret it!