Regent’s Got Talent 2019

Feb. 23, 2019 – Regent’s Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted their annual “Regent’s Got Talent” show in the Main Theater at 8 p.m.

The show featured ten acts competing for the win and two student acts as extra entertainment, one before intermission and the other while the judges deliberated over who would be crowned the winner. In the end, Nic Smith and Sarah Golden won for their outstanding violin and guitar duo performance.

Golden explained that she and Smith had worked together in the past and believed that prior experience helped make their performance work well. She stated that she was feeling, “Really good,” about their act and that it was, “unexpected [and] a lot of fun.”

All acts waiting for the final results, Feb. 23, 2019. (Abby Trivett)

The other acts of the night each had their own spectacular moments filled with raw talent and high-soaring emotions – including the second and third place acts opera singer Jalyn Dio and dancer Austin Smith, respectively. Dio commanded the room with her powerful vocal performance of “Nessum Dorma” while Smith used his dance movements to tell stories that made the crowd laugh and cheer.

Madeline Taylor performing an original song, Feb. 23, 2019. (Abby Trivett)

These acts are only a few of the wide-ranging talents that graced the stage Saturday night. Elisa Cortez, head of entertainment for SAB, expressed excitement over the large crowd this year as well as the wide variety of acts – ranging from opera singing and original song performances to swing dancing – acts she was very eager for the viewers to see. “I really hope that everyone has a lot of fun… I hope everyone in the audience enjoys it as much as I have,” Cortez said.

It was clear that the audience was immensely pleased by their loud applause after each act.

Judah Duncan (left) and Mia Ritter (right) performing The Phantom of the Opera for their act. Feb. 23, 2019 (Abby Trivett)

The show started off with Caleb Michaud singing his own version of “Jesus Wept,” relating the song to his own personal struggles. His performance was raw and emotional, and the support of the audience was great. Singer Madeline Taylor wowed the crowd with her original song about God wanting to fix all the broken pieces of her heart, and Nathan Ralls’ rendition of “The Impossible Dream” had everyone in awe over his deep, rich voice. Judah Duncan and Mia Ritter’s reenactment of The Phantom of the Opera’s titular song embodied a stage presence that was awarded by thunderous applause.

Singing acts were not the only ones of the night to steal the show. Lateef Manigault’s spoken word touched the hearts of the audience as he honed in on his main point: “Everyone prays in the end.” He wrapped up the performance with the audience participating in a prayer along with him.

Ashley Allman’s monologue also spoke to the hearts of the audience as she spoke on the relatable topic of broken hearts and false love. The upbeat swing dancing duo of Jackson Baugus and Jessie Wollum had the audience on their toes with their quick foot work and multiple lifts. Right before intermission, Sade Reuarin sang, “Tell Me You Love Me.”

Ashley Allman giving her original monologue, Feb. 23, 2019. (Abby Trivett)

Each performance brought something different to the table, a quality that sat well with undergraduate junior, Ginger South, who said she really enjoyed how the show was “…diverse across topics and genres and very unified because they’re all performing from a deep part of the soul.” For her, the show revealed how many talented people there are at Regent. “I’m getting chills after every performance,” South said.

Regent’s Got Talent was a welcomed event that warmed the hearts of the student body, thanks to those who worked hard both on and off the stage to provide a show filled with quality entertainment.

Abby Trivett is a staff writer for the Daily Runner.

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett is the former senior editor for The Daily Runner and is a current Regent masters student.