Regent Takes Third Place at Enactus National Exposition in New York

For the first time in the school’s history, Regent University’s Enactus team took third place in their league at the 2022 Enactus U.S. National Exposition held in New York. As World Cup Qualifier semifinalists, this places the team among the top 4% in the nation.

About Enactus
Enactus is a prestigious international collegiate business club that seeks to empower the next generation of leaders to find entrepreneurial solutions to world problems. It is the world’s largest student-led
entrepreneurship organization that operates in 37 countries and directly impacts 1.3 million people annually. The Enactus club on Regent University’s campus was founded in 2010 as the Students of Free Enterprise. In 2012, the club joined the international organization called Enactus, which is a combination of the words entrepreneurial, action and us. These three words embody the organization’s mission: for us to take entrepreneurial action for the betterment of all. 

The Enactus Exposition
The National Exposition is an annual business competition that is held in several different nations all around the world. At the exposition, university student teams present their projects that explain real solutions to address world problems. Presenting students are able to network with like-minded students and employers, attend a large job fair and learn from other project finalists. The winners qualify to present at the Enactus World Cup (Puerto Rico, 2022). The National Exposition has two competitions: the Early-Stage competition (dedicated to new project ideas) and a World Cup Qualifier (dedicated to full-fledged projects).

Of the 317 Enactus chapters welcomed to present their projects in one of two competition tracks, Regent Enactus was one of the top 12 teams selected for the semifinal round hosted at Long Island University in New York. 

“Making it to the semi-finals was a huge blessing! Seeing the hard work of all the project members come together and having a project recognized for its excellence and success is a great accomplishment,” stated Dara Weisbrod (CAS ’22), Enactus president at Regent (2021-2022).

The traveling presentation team for semi-finals consisted of Heather Walter, Jordan Lance, Emily Polson, Angelia Garces and Adrianna la Tortue. Due to COVID restrictions the past two years, none of the presentation team members experienced the exposition in person. 

“It was incredible to be surrounded by students who were motivated and on fire to create viable solutions to real problems,” says Jordan Lance (CAS ’23), Enactus vice-president at Regent (2022-2023).

“I am so proud of the hard work, dedication and passion of our Enactus team,” stated Dr. Olga Moseley, Enactus faculty co-advisor and an instructor in the Department of Business, Leadership & Management. “These students live out the university’s mission to be Christian leaders who change the world—one project at a time.”

This Year’s Projects:

Healthy League
is an international project that uses entertainment education to teach children in Haiti how to prevent hookworm—a deadly parasite prevalent in developing countries. 

According to the CDC, over 73% of Haitian children were infected with hookworm. To combat this problem, Regent Enactus developed a comic and animation that educates children on good hygiene practices to prevent the infection.    

Veteran Launch Pad is our local initiative that seeks to provide Hampton Roads military veterans and their families with a
comprehensive database to employment, housing, education and other resources available in the community and to create a platform for engagement among and with the military in our community. Hampton Roads has one of the world’s largest military populations. This means Regent has a significant opportunity to step up and serve the veterans who have fought for our freedom. 

Regent Enactus is striving to do this by creating a one-stop website with national, state and local resources. The team is hoping to rapidly develop this project and take it to the 2023 Enactus National Exposition.

Triple E: Educate, Employ and Empower is a new project proposed by a missionary who approached the team about creating an entrepreneurship training program that teaches residents in Zambia how to create sustainable fish farming and sewing businesses. The team is excited to be partnering with MASY Ministries to create the program this semester. 

As president of Enactus, my goal is to help every member be involved. At Regent, we believe changing the world starts with individual Christian Leadership. Therefore, I want students to not only develop and further their projects but to grow spiritually and academically. 

Regent’s Enactus team is currently looking for new student members who possess various talents, including management, business,
presentation skills, animation and more! If you are interested in joining the team and creating new and life-changing projects, please feel free to contact me, Philip White, at