Personality Playlists

Hey everyone! I’m back with five more playlists for you all! This time they are categorized by genre. I also created a little quiz for you guys to take on Buzzfeed to find which playlists fits you best! Your results will bring you to a playlist of pop, indie, rock, alternative, or country music based on some fun questions about you! Regardless of your music subscriptions, here are some free-access playlists!

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Pop to the Top

You have popular taste! Some may call it basic, but you own it. This pop playlist is all for you!

1 “Head First” by Christian French
2 “Things Will Be Okay” released by A Kid Named Rufus
3 “Should I Get My Ears Pierced?” sung by Remy
4 “Never Going Back Again” by Johnning
5 “Something Super Sweet” performed by Rory Webley
6 “Radio” by Oscar Welsh
7 “I Like Me” by Dexter
8 “Never Really Over” from Katy Perry’s 2020 album, Smile.
9 “Risk It All” collabed by Ella Henderson, Just Kiddin, and the House Gospel Choir
10 “Pasta” is the top hit of the band New Rules

An Independent Spirit

You’ve got an independent mind for sure. Check out this indie playlist to express your original (and probably hippie) spirit!

1 “Maybe” from Half-Alive’s 2019 Album, Now, Not Yet
2 “LOVERBOY” by young friend
3 “Cutie” is one of two singles released by COIN in 2022
4 “Better than I Know Myself” by Del Water Gap
5 “Woah Man” released in the 2021 album, Harmony House by Dayglow 
6 “Strangers” also by Dayglow in their latest album.
7 “out 4 a breather” performed by the band Dad Sports
8 “I’m So Bored” by Sarah and the Sundays
9 “MIA” sung by Forrest Nolan
10 “Tossing and Turning” by Arlie

Party Rockers in the House tn

You’re a hard rocker! Check out this rock playlist for some more headbangers.

1 “Come With Me Now” by the band KONGOS
2 “Gold on the Ceiling” as sung by The Black Keys
3 “Play with Fire” by Sam Tinnesz
4 “Go Fast” as performed by Endway
5 “The Way You Used To Do” by the Queens of the Stone Age)
6 “Dead Man Walking” City Wolf
7 “Boy Like Me” as sung by Barns Courtney 
8 “No Good” by KALEO and Vinyl on HBO
9 “Temper Temper” was released by Black Pistol Fire as a single in 2019 before its second debut in their 2021 album, Look Alive.
10 “Hanging By A Thread” was released in Des Rocs’ 2021 album A Real Good Person In A Real Bad Place.

ctrl ALT dlt

This is likely NOT a phase but a lifestyle. Check out this alternative playlist for a new alt soundtrack!

1 “Stupid For You” is a catchy popular song from Waterparks’ 2016 album, Double Dare.
2 “Follow Blind” by Mad Wave
3 “Head Right” by Wilderaldo
4 “Record Player” by Daisy the Great featuring AJR
5 “Chapstick” is the second single released by COIN in 2022
6 “Parasocial” is sung by Ricky Himself and Mark Hoppus
7 “Brainless” by DREAMERS
8 “Kamikaze” by the band WALK THE MOON which is largely known for their prom favorite, “Shut Up and Dance.”
9 “Sometime” by Ritt Momney and Shane T.
10 “The Kids Are All Dying” is an eye-opening commentary by FINNEAS on the current generation and their priorities.

Country Boy I Love Youuuu

Bless your heart, you found the country playlist. Kick on the cowboy boots for some old and new countrified hits.

1 “Porch Swing Angel” by Muscadine Bloodline
2 “Arkansas” sung by Chris Stapleton
3 “Mysteries of the World” by Walker McGuire
4 “Wildfire” is the top hit of the band Mandolin Orange
5 “Tattoos” performed by Tyler Childers
6 “Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft
7 “Crooked Teeth” is a story of western justice sung by Zach Bryan
8 “Platonic” is sung by Ryan Hurd
9 “Dance Her Home” by Cody Johnson
10 “Mine All Mine” performed by Kolton Moore and the Clever Few

My favorite thing about music is the never ending supply of new content regardless of style, artist, or genre. These playlists are all published on a personal profile as the songs included are hand picked by me, not the Daily Runner newspaper.  If you are having trouble accessing the playlist links, you can access my Spotify profile here.