People of Regent: Lyeneal

“When I hear most people talking about getting their master’s, it’s always about them stressing out, and how tough it is. Truth be told, it is tough, but I’m enjoying it! I’m enjoying it a lot. I feel that I am learning a lot, to the point when I do graduate my third year, I’m going to have a lot of knowledge to share. And that is exactly what I want to do. To end up teaching theatre at a collegiate level. One day, I would like to own my own theatre company, but I’m planning to work professionally for a little while first. To establish myself in the industry. So that’s my dream, really, to work a little bit, and then focus on my main goal of educating others. With that all that being said, after this final week coming up, I will definitely be ready for a little Christmas break! I’m ready to go back home to Mississippi, relax, let my shoulders down, and SLEEP!” -Lyeneal