New Café Moka Opens On Campus

The wait is over.

For years, Regent University on-campus students have wanted to visit a coffee shop or simply enjoy a handcrafted cup of joe, having had to trek off campus to do so. Yet, even though there’s never a short supply of these trendy coffeehouses in the area, it’s been something that students have wanted to see put on Regent’s campus for a long time.

Finally, after months of anticipation, these hopes have finally become reality. Monday, February 22nd, the grand opening of the Café Moka on-campus coffee shop took place.  Students, Faculty, and Staff all showed up to see the new addition to the recently installed student lounge and grab a quality cup of coffee.  Previously, the only other Café Moka, one of the closest coffee shops to campus, was located 2 miles south of the school on Centerville Turnpike. Now, students only need to walk to visit the Student Center building, already a hub of activity, to enjoy the same great java that Café Moka has been serving for years.

Helping to Build Community

The opening was announced early last semester and though the wait has been long, it seems to have been worth it. “It really builds up community. The coffee is great… The location is convenient” said Luke Parker, a freshmen in the biophysical sciences program.  

0223161532_HDRHayden Heard, a junior working towards his bachelors in business marketing said, “I think it’s great. It gives people a place to meet up on campus. Especially as a commuter, it gives [us] a place to enjoy hanging out between classes. Good coffee, good company.”

I also spoke with owner of Café Moka, Roark Basham. He told me that his favorite thing about having a shop on-campus is that it’s “giving students something to be excited about” and that it’s not only a chance for them to enjoy someone “properly brewing” coffee for them, but is also “introducing them to small business.” Mr. Basham also expressed gratitude for Regent University’s venturing out and making an effort to bring in a local small business as opposed to a large, corporate brand coffee. He mentioned that “a lot of work and collaborating went into it.”

This new on-campus Café Moka, though not as large and as extravagant as some other local coffeehouses, looks like it’ll remain a staple favorite among students. By the looks of things, this new shop should prove to be a well-loved aspect of the Regent University community.

Philip Reynolds is a Staff Writer for the Daily Runner.


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    February 24, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Ummm… Regent Ordinary. Starbucks. It was amazingly delicious, especially if you had the blonde with curly hair make it for you. I appreciate your article and it was very well written, but knowing about the Starbucks coffee ACROSS THE HALL, ruined it for me.

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