I AM project: Jarrison Honeycutt

Rachel Adams 2019

The first thing anyone ever said to me about Jarrison was, “If you ever just need someone to cry with you, call Jarrison.”

He reluctantly came to Regent University after leaving the mission field abroad.  As he fought through culture shock, he was led to try out for the worship team and told God, “If I get it, let it be for your glory. If I don’t get it, let it be for your glory.”

He was accepted to the team and began a gruesome journey of God changing and molding him: “It was like going through a cheese grater.  What God was pulling out of me was super uncomfortable and all my old wounds were reopening.”

After reaching his lowest moment while in Israel, Jarrison realized, “First of all, I’m in the holy land and I’m trash!” He faced a decision, throw everything away or just be at the feet of Jesus.  

Rachel Adams 2019

Jarrison continued, “I’ve made this choice before.  This time, it was devastating. Could I ever actually be good enough? MY answer was no.  I felt lost and dejected. Then God said ‘you’re about to go into a new season’ and I was like thank God cause this one has been really just—rough.”

Finally, God restored Jarrison and blessed him with a car even when he hadn’t earned it. He was reminded of God’s steadfast love in Psalm 94 and just enjoyed being with God and the pouring-out of His unending mercy.

Rachel Adams 2019

I asked what the Lord’s voice sounded like for him and he answered, “It’s like in my heart—a gut hearing. I get still, and then I hear something in my heart.”

Worship has always been important to Jarrison.  When he was young, he didn’t have any close friends and spent much of his time in the woods praying and singing: “I have a long history of going to the Lord in song.  My life is meant to be worship.”

Finally, I asked who God has been in his story.  Jarrison answered, “Jesus has been for me: the friend of friends, the treasure in the field, and my faithful redeemer.”

Rachel Adams 2019