Girls ask the guys to stand in the lobby

Sadie proposals skyrocket in light of new lobby-loitering statistic.

With the Sadie Hawkins Dance fast approaching, Regent women have been intent on asking guys one thing: “Will you stand in the Founder’s Inn lobby with me?” Every year, girls look forward to lounging on the plush couches and chairs with their dates as the faint thump of bass from a nearby ballroom fills the awkward silences.

“Honestly, there’s no other way I’d rather end my semester,” one student told the Daily Runner. “And it’s the perfect atmosphere for remembering that discussion board post I need to do,” commented another. If the weather’s nice enough, students will even loiter outside under the romantic string lights. There, they can drown out their end-of-semester stress and further muffle the distant party sounds.

Last year, SAB reported 68% of Regent students attending Sadie’s spent the night mingling outside the ballroom. This year, officials look to see that statistic rise to at least 73%. Girls are scrambling to find creative Sadie’s proposals and, in many cases, their courage to ask the right guy to mingle with them for three hours. Thankfully, you don’t need a ticket to attend this spectacularly memorable event; just show up with your date, or your squad, ready for a night of chatting accompanied by a 2010’s pop song playing from another room.

Amy Armstrong is a contributor to the Daily Runner.