Film Review: Son of God

By now most of us have seen, or at least heard of, Roma Downey’s The Bible Series (released on TV in 2013). The film “Son of God” (2014), directed by Christopher Spencer and starring Portuguese actor Diogo Morgada, is a spin-off of Downey’s made-for-television series that incorporates scenes from the show, as well as newly-filmed scenes, to bring the story of Jesus’ life to the big screen.

While there have been many depictions of the story of Jesus created over the years, this was a well-rounded, accurate version that is truly worth going to see in theaters. Through the use of excellent costuming, powerful dramatic music and beautiful set design, the life of Jesus is portrayed in this film from birth to death, resurrection to ascension.

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The characters are well portrayed and realism transports the audience to the Middle East in 30 A.D. “Son of God” is a genuine experience, and it is a wonderful alternative to watching “The Passion of the Christ” if you are more interested in the full story of Jesus’ life and not the emphasis on the brutality of his death. However, that doesn’t mean the film sugar-coats the crucifixion, so expect to see that portrayed realistically.

If you are familiar with the life of Christ, there will be a few noticeable inaccuracies throughout the film, but none seemed detrimental to the integrity of the film.

Though many of you have seen the majority of this film from watching “The Bible” series, it is still worth going to see while it is in the theaters, not only to enjoy the full story cohesively but also to support a Christian film, the purpose of which is to educate people about Jesus’ life and to touch their hearts.