Exclusive Interview with Madison Prewett Troutt

Madison Prewett Troutt recently released her newest book, The Love Everybody Wants, which looks at how developing a strong relationship with God is the first step in loving yourself and building meaningful relationships with others. Throughout her book, Madi gives readers an honest look into her own heart and journey of loving the Lord. 

Is there something wrong with me? How many more wrong ones until the right one? Am I hard to love? 

Tackling tough questions like these, Madi offers hope, truth, and grace for women at any stage in life. She encourages women to never settle for a “knock-off version of love” but rather to realize they deserve the unconditional love of God. The Love Everybody Wants is a beautiful reminder of the inherent self-worth of women created in the image of God and a challenge to stop choosing relationships with people who do not value and love them. 

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them. If you notice a red flag in someone, don’t ignore it. Trust your gut. Don’t settle for ‘good enough.’ Good enough is not good enough when God’s best is available to you.”

When asked about the dangers of dating for “potential,” Madi was quick to offer a warning. She describes relationships built on the hope of who they will become as “dating a fantasy” and warns of possible pitfalls in these relationships. There is often a sense of hesitation and lack of peace in those situations, which she says to trust. Madi also suggests turning to trusted friends and family for advice. 

“If he’s not leading you now, what makes you think he will lead you in marriage? And if you’re trying to change someone and they change to become better for you, they might become bitter because of you” Madi said, explaining that only the Holy Spirit can change people’s hearts. 

Madi also explores why many women end up with poorly chosen significant others and highlights how often women tie their identity and worth to their partner. When writing her book, Madi was clear that it was not a “how to get a boyfriend guide” nor a “marriage manifesto” because there is so much happiness, love, and purpose for women outside of marriage. 

While marriage is a beautiful thing, Madi explained, women should never feel pressured to get married or have a boyfriend because a woman’s worth is not dependent on her relationship status. During her season of singleness, Madi realized an important truth:

“I realized where true love comes from. It doesn’t come from a boyfriend or spouse but from our Savior. Once I was able to recognize that, receive that, and live that out, it was easier for me to see clearly what loving myself and loving others should look like.”

Recognizing that God is the only thing that can define and complete women, Madi stresses the importance of turning to Him when feeling lost or confused. 

“With Jesus, we have all we need. We are called, as the church, to know the truth and power of God’s Word, believe it, and share it with others. To live out and remind others that our purpose is not a person. Our identity is not a relationship status. Therefore, the only one who can complete us is the One who created us.” 

The Love Everybody Wants focuses not only on preventing bad relationships but also on healing from past hurts. When asked how to create a safe space for Christian women battling shame, Madi quoted James 5:16, which says true healing comes from prayer and confession. 

“The best way to create a safe space for women battling shame and regret is to lead with vulnerability, listen, and encourage with scripture and prayer. When someone opens up to you, be quick to listen to what they’re saying, slow to speak, and quick to love them by praying for them and pointing them to the Truth.” 

She also said it is essential to remember that people’s past mistakes do not define them and through Jesus, they are made brand new and given a new purpose. 

For women struggling to reconcile their past with their faith, Madi offers practical advice such as spending time daily in Scripture, prayer, and worship. She also says having a strong godly community and forgiving ourselves and others is essential to finding healing. 

“We have to know, believe, and speak the truth of God’s word over ourselves, even when we don’t feel it.” 

The Love Everybody Wants applies to everyone, regardless of relationship status. It offers practical advice for navigating through difficult relationships with yourself, romantic partners, and God. It challenges women to stop settling and to pursue a strong relationship with the Lord and to find peace and contentment in Him. 

For more information on Madi, check out her website at https://madiprew.com/ or follow her on  Instagram at @madiprew. 

Madison Prewett Troutt, bestselling author of The Love Everybody Wants, is a speaker and social media influencer best known as a finalist on the reality television show, The Bachelor. Madi has a degree in communications from Auburn University and a certificate in ministry in pastoral leadership through Highlands College. Madi started her career working as a foster parent recruiter in Birmingham, Alabama, and is living in Waco, Texas, with her husband, Grant. You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok @madiprew.


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