Cory Asbury: A Night to Remember

A Night of Worship.  A night to remember.

Students and the public line in front of the Chapel in drizzling rain and wind over an hour before the performance, their umbrellas trailing all the way past the student center. The mist of anticipation hangs low in the chilly air. The crowd is waiting for the best seat, the best view, all to watch Cory Asbury lead a session of worship.

The album cover for "Reckless Love," Cory Asbury's third album.
The album cover for “Reckless Love,” Cory Asbury’s third album.

Why are these people here so early, expectation hanging on their breath, to see this man?

Cory Asbury is known worldwide for his hit song, “Reckless Love,” along with others such as “Where I Belong,” “So Good to Me,” “Endless Alleluia,” and “Jesus, Let Me See Your Eyes.” He has released three albums, the most recent in January 2018. He has been involved in musical worship since he was fourteen, and his passion and love towards Christ and people is brought forth in glorious fashion through his music. The people wait in line, not to see Cory, but to see God through him.

As the seats fill, the lights begin to dim. The crowd cheers as Cory walks on stage, guitar in hand, his band trailing behind. The music begins, a crescendo of worship and glory lifted high by the voices of a thousand people, fulfilling the command set forth in Ephesians 5:18-19: “Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart.” The worship lasts for over an hour before the final song, “Reckless Love,” and the night is complete.

On an interview with CBN earlier that day, Cory Asbury shared some of his story and struggles. He says, “[God], help me to remember to talk to you in the moments where you go unnoticed and to join in Your endless song, Your endless hallelujah.” His testimony is powerful, and the worship he brought to Regent University was nothing less than a display of glory to God’s never-ending, all-consuming, reckless love.

Davis Hawkins is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner.