Club Highlight: Enactus

Are you interested in changing the world, improving the lives of others, or creating innovative business ideas? Join Enactus, a club that gives students the chance to channel their entrepreneurial spirit and see the impact firsthand. Their goal is to create sustainable projects to solve the real-world problems, and they have a few specific projects they’re looking for more student partners on.

Earlier this week, I sat down with Michael Pimpo, a team lead for two Enactus projects: Triple E and Project Enhancement. Pimpio noted that something he enjoys about the club is the ability it provides to grow professionally and make a tangible difference in the world around him: “I love how Enactus allows you to do things that are actually applicable in your career, and you’re actually seeing the difference that you make.” 

The Triple E team is working with a pastor in Zambia to produce an entrepreneur training program to teach natives about the business side of running fish farms. Three wells have been dug in a village, eliminating a five-mile walk to gather water, and two fish ponds have been built and will be operational by July.

Project Enhancement’s mission is to “equip underprivileged students,” ages 16 to 24, with financial, entrepreneurial, and business skills. When discussing this issue, Pimpo stressed the stark high school dropout rate; in 2020, two million students between the ages of 16 and 24 dropped out of school. Hoping to help reduce the dropout rate of high school students, Pimpo decided to design a board game that can be used all around the world to teach students financial, entrepreneurial, and managerial skills. Thus the idea of Enhancement Inc. was born. Enhancement Inc. is a board game that uses four types of businesses to teach players how to build their own successful business from the ground up using a step-by-step process. Pimpo plans to make this a physical board game and an online game.

As someone who loves board games, I was interested and excited to learn that Pimpo is looking for creative and focused individuals to join his Project Enhancement team. Right now he is looking for creative artists, writers, game strategists, rule designers, organizational leaders, cybersecurity majors, and computer science majors. Not only would you get the chance to be a part of the creative mind behind a new board game but you can also earn credit hours, a unique addition to your resume, and join a community of like-minded, ambitious people. If you are looking for a way to channel your creativity and innovate business ideas, Enactus has a million opportunities for you. Not only do you get to improve the lives of others, you also get to learn and grow in the world of business.

To learn more about Enactus or to join one of their projects, contact Michael Pimpo at or Dr. Olga Mosely at