Campus Ministries Interview: Morgan Randolph

Morgan Randolph is a junior who has been involved with Campus Ministries since her freshman year in an array of roles which include working as a first-year Vespers apprentice, a life group leader, and currently as a life group captain and second-year apprentice. For her, the experience working with Campus Ministries has been nothing short of transformative and has allowed her to obtain hands-on experience of what a career in ministry may look like.

For Morgan, joining Campus Ministries was never a question. After she found out about the program during SOAR, she decided she would take a leap of faith and apply for the apprentice program in the fall. This brought her into a new season of growth and beauty.

“[I] loved the opportunity to grow and walk with the Lord. [I’ve] grown in leadership and prepared for ministry [life],” Morgan says. She also has made long-lasting friendships with other students involved in Campus Ministries. “[You’re] part of a team, there’s always a group you’re part of,” Morgan states. “It’s a great way to find friends.”

Photo courtesy of Morgan Randolph

Along with the comradery she has gained from Campus Ministries, Morgan has learned a great deal about leadership building as well. “As a life group leader, [I] learned about dependence on the Lord; all of a sudden, you’re responsible for thirty girls, [and you have to] keep up with family and school…[I’m] learning what it looks like to be in ministry, especially in small group ministry,” Morgan chimes.

While Campus Ministries has been a great source of development for Morgan, she realizes that there are others who may miss out on their opportunity to join the organization if they feel too intimidated. “Go for it,” Morgan says. “It doesn’t hurt to apply…[for those] who don’t feel equipped, the Lord is still teaching you…there’s so much to learn….if you’re dependent and obedient to the Lord, it will be an incredible experience.” She also encourages others to “not allow insecurities to keep you from applying.”

Morgan has been able to foster, stretch, and harness her abundant gifts through her time with Campus Ministries. She believes this is the perfect place to become comfortable with the talents God has bestowed on each of us. She looks forward to seeing Campus Ministries grow and hopes for new opportunities to come along for more commuter and online students to participate as well. Morgan has seen herself grow in her journey with God during her time with Campus Ministries, and it is evident by speaking to her that the Lord has many wonderful things planned for her that are still yet to come.

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett is the former senior editor for The Daily Runner and is a current Regent masters student.