Campus Ministries Interview: Jordan Benson

This week I had the opportunity to talk with Jordan Benson, an avid participant and servant in Campus Ministries. It was so sweet to hear her talk about her heart for service and community, as well as the ministry being done at Regent as a whole. Jordan has served as an apprentice, and she is currently serving as a life group leader and a member of the worship team. Through these roles, Jordan has expressed how being a part of Campus Ministries has fostered growth in so many areas of her life. She told me (regarding how CM has equipped her to serve and to go through life), “I feel like I’ve just learned so much. There’s always space to grow and to learn… and I’m learning through my mistakes [that] it’s okay to make them, and it’s important to learn from them and grow from them; and I feel like I’ve become more independent, but also more willing to reach out for help if I need [it].” 

Jordan’s motivation for joining Campus Ministries as a freshman came from her cousin, Morgan Randolph. While she didn’t know what it held for her, Jordan applied to make connections and to seek new opportunities. In addition, her inspiration to become a life group leader also came from her cousin, who served as her life group leader last year. She said, “Seeing [Morgan] and Vernie work together to care for me and my hall [made me think]… I want to do that next year. Seeing the way that they love and intentionally prayed for and cared for all of us [made me] want to do that.” Finally, Jordan’s inspiration to join the worship team came from the Lord alone. In fact, Jordan expressed that although it was not what she would do for herself, she felt a tug on her heart to join. 

As a member of Campus Ministries and a lover of service, Jordan told me that her advice to those wrestling with the idea of joining CM would be to “Just try… It’s really enjoyable, and I can’t imagine where I’d be without Campus Ministries. There’s so much community, you just feel included and loved throughout all of it.” 

One theme that permeated our entire conversation was growth and learning. Jordan said, “I think one thing I’ve learned is to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice and what He’s saying to me; in my conversations, just to wait a minute… and it’s taught me how to encourage people with authenticity. [I’ve also] learned to be okay with being uncomfortable…. Because I know I’m not going to grow unless I’m uncomfortable.” She continued to say that she has learned so much about the goodness of the Lord. “I’m constantly mind-blown by [God’s goodness],” she said. “His love is crazy- it’s crazy that someone loves me despite my flaws.” 

As a whole, Jordan has such a heart for the ministry here at Regent, and she looks forward to continued growth and outreach to a community that may not know Jesus.