7 Inexpensive places to go for Valentine’s Day

Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around, many scramble to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones.

What would they like? Where should I go? What should I do special for this year? And every year the pressure to outdo the year before hangs over one’s head like a nasty storm cloud. Yet a holiday that brings joy and comfort to many shouldn’t be spent in anxiety and doubts.  Instead, look to these simple yet fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day this year:

1. Visit a cafe

Although not the most romantic place ever, spending a quiet evening at a cafe talking and sharing memories can be just as romantic as a five-course restaurant — just without breaking your bank. The cafe setting gives off a calm and relaxed environment. People can enjoy a cup of coffee and a light snack or meal before moving on to the next activity. The menu at cafes normally range from $7 to $30. Here are a couple of cafes to keep in mind to visit this Saturday:

  • Eurasia: Presents a quiet yet elegant environment. The cafe takes reservations by phone or online and also hosts events that can be viewed on their website’s event calender.
  • Bean There Coffeehouse: Two locations, one in Norfolk across from MacArthur Mall and the other in Virginia Beach in the La Promenade Shopping Center.
  • Baladi Mediteranean Cafe: Serves a combination of Mediteranean meals and incorporates a light yet enjoyable setting for lunch or dinner.


2. Go to a restaurant

Maybe consider Hell’s Kitchen:

  • This particular restaurant services a variety of meals, however they are mainly known for their excellent seafood menu. Customers can enjoy their meal while listening to live music that plays on every Friday and Saturday at 10:00. The setting at HK is light, dim, and small enough to enjoy one’s meal without being concerned about huge crowds of people.
  • The prices for a meal are also reasonable; the Appetizers range from $8 to $10 while the Entrees and other meals go from $7 to $25.
  • Other eateries: Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Smokey Bones, Applebees, Sushi King, Top Mongonlian, T.G.I.F., and Salvatore’s Pizza.

To ensure that the restaurant serves good food at a reasonable price, do some online browsing first for deals and other specials for a great romantic evening.

3. Movie Night

One of the best places to go for movie night on Valentine’s Day is the Cinema Cafe. Sure it may not sound like much, but the Cinema not only offers an extremely inexpensive price, but also hosts the movie within a sit and dine setting. The process works like this: 1) you can order your food, 2) they will serve it to you, and 3) all you have to do is sit and enjoy. Sounds pretty simple. The cafe presents a great environment for one’s entertainment experience. If looking to go see new released movies (except maybe 50 Shades of Grey) then the Cinema Cafe is the place to be on a Saturday night.

Some of the films that are still out are:

  • The Gambler
  • Big Hero 6
  • Hunger Games: Mocking Jay-Part 1
  • The Wedding Ringer
  • Project Almanac
  • Jupiter Ascending


4. Poetry Readings

What would Valentine’s Day be without a bit of poetry? Look into the local areas around you and see it there are any poetry readings or open mic events happening on or around Valentine’s Day. The best evening out one can have is the one spent in meditation and a relaxed state of mind.

5. Cloud 9

No one said that Valentine’s Day had to be spent entirely on romantic gestures. Sometimes the most romantic outing is the one spent in laughter, games, friends, or significant other.

  • Cloud 9 a semi-new yet extremely fun place to be on the weekends. The indoor trampoline park features a dodge ball area, basketball hoops, pits filled with foam, and their newly finished ninja course. It only costs $12 for 1 hour in the park and $20 for 2 hours.



6. Ice Skating

  • Holding hands, helping each other up when one falls, indoor ice skating is one of those favorite pass times that people do over and over again, no matter the season. It’s inexpensive a definite stress reliever.

7. Spending the Evening In

  • Valentine’s Day doesn’t require one to always go out, spending the evening in is the most romantic think one can do on Valentine’s Day. Costs nothing. And the quality time is spent 100% with the other person. There are several things one can do for an evening in: 1) cook dinner together, 2) back dessert, 3) watch a movie, 4) invite friends over to play game night, 5) do all of the above plus games.
  • Spending the day with friends is also a great way to spend the day. Although the holiday is aimed more towards couples, there necessarily isn’t a rule stating that it’s only to be spent with the person you’re dating/married to.
  • We all know that the idea on what to fix for  Valentine’s Day as far as breakfast, lunch or dinner goes can be a brain stumpier. So to help clear the block here is a site that lists great yet easy to do recipes.


Let us know what you have planned for Valentine’s Day in the comments below!