14 SOAR FAQs Answered: An Interview with Regent University’s Orientation Team

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (May 12, 2021) – As Regent University’s Spring 2021 semester comes to a close, our beautiful campus is gearing up for the summer events, including SOAR — Summer Orientation, Advising, & Registration. SOAR will be happening both on campus and virtually this year!

(INCOMING FRESHMEN HACK: You can guarantee your FREE T-shirt by completing your registration by May 21! See #12 below.)

Regent’s orientation team leaders Kyle Graham, director of the Center for Student Happiness, and Danielle Crowley, student orientation and engagement coordinator, have provided this convenient reference list to help answer frequently asked questions about summer orientation. Incoming freshmen and parents, pay attention because this one’s for you!

  1. What is SOAR?

SOAR (Summer Orientation, Advising, & Registration) is a two-day orientation experience for traditional-aged freshmen where they will connect with other students, hear from campus leadership, meet with Academic Advising, and begin to envision themselves as a Regent Student!

  1. When and Where Will SOAR Take Place in 2021?

This year, we have two options for SOAR: on-campus and virtual. We wanted to provide both possibilities for students so they can determine which is the best choice for their unique situations. Two on-campus orientations will take place, one from June 24th to the 25th and one from June 28th to the 29th. Virtual SOAR will be from June 30th to July 1st. 

  1. How Much Does it Cost to Attend?

SOAR is free for students. The only cost is for parents: a $35 fee for each parent in attendance. Due to COVID, we are asking only one parent per student to attend this year.

  1. Who are the Orientation Leaders for SOAR This Year?

We have some fantastic leaders lined up for this year! Our leaders are Thomas Wilkinson, Arjola Mullaj, Petra Bailor, Dylan Pond, Jordan Benson, and Kelsey Goodson; led by their incredible Orientation Captains, Catie Dansby and Josh Kline.

  1. Is This Event for Students or Parents?

Both! For the on-campus and virtual events, we will have activities and sessions for both the students and parents to participate in.

  1. Is This Event for Online, On-Campus, or Transfer Students?

This event is just for traditional-aged, on-campus first-time freshmen, but students transferring with little college experience or from early college or dual enrollment programs sometimes attend. Transfer students will join us in the Fall for our August orientation, Welcome Week, and online students have an online orientation called KEYS which they can access through their Blackboard accounts.

Regent University Orientation for Incoming Freshman Virtual or in Virginia Beach
  1. What are the Top 5 Benefits of Attending SOAR?
  • Glimpse into college life at Regent
  • Learning from Regent leadership
  • Connecting with other new students (and maybe finding a roommate!)
  • Meeting professors
  • Leaving with confidence that Regent is for you!
  1. How Will Attending SOAR Affect Your Freshman Year?

SOAR jumpstarts your college experience. From your SOAR experience, you can enter the fall semester having learned about campus, met with faculty, and already made friends. SOAR attendees tend to “SOAR” higher in their freshman year! College is an exciting time, so why not start it in June?

Here is some feedback from students who attended SOAR:

  • “It was very comforting to meet other Christians that have the same thirst for a relationship with the Lord, as well as His Word. I now know Regent is where I am meant to be.”
  • “I absolutely loved SOAR! It made me feel super excited for Regent! I cannot wait!”
  • “I LOVED the breakout sessions! Meeting the faculty and getting to ask them questions while also seeing other psych students was incredible and made me very eager to begin classes!”
  1. If Students Are Nervous About Attending SOAR, What Would You Suggest?

We know that some students come to SOAR nervous about whether Regent is right for them and meeting new people. We have created an event centered around welcoming students to campus. We want you to feel comfortable during your experience and fall in love with Regent. Our leaders, volunteers, and staff are all there to help you in this transition, so please reach out if you need anything! As the event goes on, our hope is that you’ll feel more comfortable with your peers and maybe even make a friend or two!

  1. Why Should Students Attend Even if They are Local?

Our local/commuter students are such an important part of the Regent community, and SOAR is just as much for you as it is for any other student. SOAR is a great chance to learn about the school, connect with other students, and stay overnight at the Commons, a rare opportunity for commuters. You are also the first to befriend students from different parts of the country. Whether you are traveling or live in the area, SOAR is made for you!

  1. If Students Aren’t Sure How to Plan, in Light of COVID, What Would You Suggest?

We provided multiple options for just this reason! Campus events will be COVID-safe, but if you are uncomfortable traveling or have other concerns, the virtual event will encompass all the important parts of SOAR, so you won’t miss out! If you register for the on-campus event and something changes in your situation, making you unable to attend in person, please contact us at orientation@regent.edu. 

  1. Is it True that Students Get a Cool T-Shirt for Attending?

Absolutely! Each student will get a T-shirt that is their team color for the event. For those attending on-campus, a T-shirt will be provided at check-in. For those who are attending virtually, we will send a T-shirt to you! Those attending virtually must register by May 21st to guarantee you will receive your free T-shirt.

  1. Anything Else Students Need to Know?

Participate in the activities! This event is what you make it, and the full experience can only exist if you join in! So, be sure to engage in the activities, games, conversations, and sessions. You won’t regret it!

  1. What Should I Do if I Still Have Questions?

Email us at orientation@regent.edu. We would be happy to help!

Are you an incoming on-campus freshman who has received your college acceptance letter? If so, we encourage you to register now for SOAR. Visit regent.edu/soar for details. We can’t wait to connect!


Katelyn Condrey

Katelyn Condrey is a department head for The Daily Runner.