Thomas Set to Direct Documentary Short ‘Welcome Home’ at Chronicle Visuals & Attic Orpheum Productions

Based on 2 Chronicles 7:15, ‘Welcome Home’ is a short documentary film directed by Regent University junior Sage Thomas. The film will explore the meaning of home and focus on the true stories of Jordan Benson, Jose Villegas, Jesse Thomas. Thomas plans to dedicate the film to her grandmother.

“Every story deserves to be told. Each person brings something unique to the table. I want to present life as it is; the good, bad, and ugly. There is beauty in it all.” -Sage Thomas

The motto of Thomas’ production banner Chronicle Visuals is “Open eyes, Attentive ears.” With this production banner, Thomas desires to cultivate creativity, diversity, advocacy, and community. She aims to center her films on the value of people, various perspectives, and the openness to hear the voice of another.

‘Welcome Home’ marks the third documentary between Thomas and producer Jaron Weatherly. The two recently worked on the exciting hit ‘Tapping Out’ (2021) and co-produced the Campus Ministries docu-series ‘Love More, Self Less’ (2020).

Aaron Banka, Garna Trafton, Derrick Angelo, Michael Beam, Amaya Mitchell round out the crew of the documentary production.

‘Welcome Home’ is aiming to release on March 22nd, and it will be co-produced and distributed by Thomas’ production banner Chronicle Visuals and Jaron Weatherly’s Attic Orpheum Productions.