The humans of Regent inspire Photography club’s Spring Fest gallery

The Photography club will be displaying a gallery at Spring Fest inspired by the stories of students.

Mabel Annobil by Elisa Sosa.

Mabel Annobil by Elisa Sosa.

Saturday, Apr. 28, the College Student Leadership Board is hosting Spring Fest. This annual event celebrates graduates with a big outdoor festival, though non-graduates can partake in the fun as well. Robertson Field and campus’s main green will be packed with people and activities for all students. From live music to inflatables to free hair-cuts and t-shirts, the event has something for everyone to enjoy – one of the most important being the free food, of course.

This year’s Spring Fest offers something extra special beyond free stuff and goat petting. The Photography club will be hosting a pop-up gallery entitled “Humans of Regent” on the green from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

“We were inspired by the concept of Humans of New York,” said club President Katherine Budny. The Humans of New York project has expanded to different countries, examining the experiences and challenges of different populations. The Photography club’s gallery will include portraits of Regent students and workers accompanied by a short quote from the subject, much like its inspiration.

“Our vision for the gallery,” said Budny, “is [to] capture portraits of these students and to get a snippet of their testimony or personality.”

Stories are the fabric of community; they bind us together. “We want to be able to capture and tell the individual stories of the students and workers here at Regent,” Budny commented, “to highlight who they are for the broader Regent community to know.” Our campus is made up of students from many different backgrounds – cultural, religious, socio-economic – with over 60 countries and 70 denominations represented. The club seeks to tell Regent’s story through the lives and experiences of the individuals who write it.

Amy Armstrong by Mollie Trainum.

Amy Armstrong by Mollie Trainum.

“Photographing God’s people is the ultimate motivation,” said Budny. “We really want this gallery to be impactful [for the community].”

The gallery features moments captured by various club members, including Elijah Corujo, Edward Diggs, Faith Furrelli, Victoria Hirsh, Luke Isbell, Rebekah Orlando, Mollie Trainum, and Katherine Budny.

The club itself hosts workshops and events year-round for aspiring photographers to hone their skills. “Our club’s mission is to educate and promote Christian leaders who will change the world,” said Budny. One of their main goals is growth – growth in photography skill, appreciation, and collaboration. They not only collaborate within the organization but reach out to the community for involvement and inspiration.

While Spring Fest only lasts four hours, the gallery will continue to be displayed in Moka during finals week (Apr. 29 – May 5). If you can’t make it on Saturday, drop by the Student Center to see this compilation of the human mosaic that makes up Regent University. As president Budny said, “A photo is worth a thousand words, right?”

Featured images by Elijah Corujo, Edward Diggs, Luke Isbell, Emily Mowry, Elisa Sosa, and Mollie Trainum.

Sara Waits is the senior editor of the Daily Runner.