The Greatest Show: Regent’s Got Talent 2018

Last Saturday, a crowd gathered for a glorious display of song and dance at Regent’s Got Talent, an event hosted by the Student Activities Board each year.  They describe it as “an annual showcase of Regent’s most talented individuals,” and true to their word, each and every contestant presented with skill and heart.  Joél Casanova and Kasey Ficara were the hosts for the event.

The hosts for Regent's Got Talent, Joél Cassanova and Kasey Ficara.

The hosts for Regent’s Got Talent, Joél Casanova and Kasey Ficara, Virginia Beach, VA, Feb. 2018. (Davis Hawkins)

Although there were only eight performances, the night was one to remember.  The lineup consisted of guitar and song performances from Kaleo Gregg, Sarah Golden, and Zak Khaliqi with Lexie Curson; along with piano and song performances by Bethany Baldwin with Elisabeth Feaster, Nathan Schwarzwalder, and Christine Ciccone with Nathan Wuertz.  Andrew Corder gave a solo performance.  The night was topped off with a choreographed arrangement by Kayla Phaneuf and Company who danced to “The Greatest Show,” a song from the hit movie-musical The Greatest Showman.  Special performances were given by Joél Cassanova and Joshua Haudricourt during intermission and Abraham Lee after the final act.

Every performer was talented.  However, a first, second, and third place winner had to be chosen by the judging panel.  The panel consisted of Jennifer Gribble, Charlie Jones, and Eric Harrel, who watched the show from a balcony overlooking the stage.  In third place was Sarah Golden, performing an original song titled “Welcome Home.”  Second place was awarded to Bethany Baldwin and Elisabeth Feaster, who performed “Girl in 14G.”  First place went to Zak Khaliqi and Lexie Curson, who paired guitar and singing skills to perform an original song titled “Coming Home.

Saturday night showed that Regent not only has talent: it boasts some of the most talented students around.  From dance numbers to singing, guitar to piano, the performances certainly entertained and astounded the audience.  It’s everything you ever wanted.  It’s everything you ever needed.

This was the greatest show.

Davis Hawkins is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner.