Restaurant Review: 3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant

Despite the diversity of the Regent student body, there are many shared loves. One of these is eating out for Sunday lunch after church, and I have the perfect recommendation for you: 3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant.  

Conveniently located just under two miles past the Regent campus off Centerville Turnpike, 3 Amigos is a hidden gem. It is easy to overlook, buried halfway down the strip of shops between the Kempsville Neighborhood Walmart and the Centerville Food Lion. However, the small restaurant’s cuisine deserves more attention than it often receives. The Centerville location is one of six near the Hampton Roads area. 

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be excited to find 3 Amigos has been busy over the summer with renovations. Improvements are evident everywhere. The usual handwritten neon sign hangs over an updated hostess stand, centralizing many restaurant operations at the front for the convenience of both customers and wait staff. The booths, tables and chairs have been replaced by those with personalized wood-carved and resin-poured details featuring three figures in sombreros and an artistic desert sunset. 

The owners have also attended to some cosmetic maintenance, such as repairing the tile floors and drywall, creating a cozy environment for enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine. Despite the summer upgrade seeming finalized, 3 Amigos recently announced they received their building permit for a new expansion at their Centerville location. The local community can look forward to this expansion as part of the continual improvement to the landscape of shops and restaurants near Regent University, also featuring a new Wawa and an expansion of Kelly’s Tavern. 

3 Amigos has also released an updated menu boasting authentic Mexican dishes and a greater diversity in menu ingredients. You can find new dishes on almost every section of the menu. Some of the latest additions include appetizer dips like bacon fire queso, a summer-inspired house salad, and surprising twists, such as pineapple and avocado, on traditional tacos and fajitas. 

It is also friendlier to those who may not share the same obsession with authentic Mexican cuisine, featuring simple dishes like Chorri Fries, simply fries with chorizo and cheese dip, that anyone would enjoy. With single entree lunch specials starting at $6 and special deals that change daily, it will also fit most budgets. 

Visiting the restaurant with friends, I can always find something new to try, and they are more than happy to modify dishes to my tastes. My favorite new dish thus far is Camarones Momia, which is bacon-wrapped shrimp covered in cheese dip, accompanied by rice, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and avocado. 3 Amigos is a staple for me and my friends, and I look forward to our occasional Sunday lunches as a time to share good food and great fellowship. 


Kayla Grace Walker

Kayla Walker is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.