Regent Con 2018

Regent Con is an event where people from all fandoms can come together and celebrate what they love.

Regent Con is an annual event here at Regent University. Every year a board of students comes together to plan the event. This includes figuring out costs, locking down the venue, and finding high quality guests and vendors. This year, there were around 23 vendors at Regent Con. These vendors sold everything—original artwork, comic books, jewelry, and even crochet dolls! The vendors arrived two hours before the event started to set up their booths. There was something for everyone.

Regent Con was sponsored by Funimation, who provided prizes for the various contests that took place. One of these contests was the cosplay contest. A glance around Robertson Hall during the event revealed all kinds of characters—Jack Frost, Ruby Rose, Link, and Elsa to name a few. From splashes of glitter to intricately sown dresses, it was easy to see that many of the people who attended Regent Con had put lots of hard work into their costumes.

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Aside from the contests, there were many other events to take part in throughout the day. One of the events was led by Lost Crew, a K-Pop dance group, who not only preformed but taught a dance class as well. There was a video game tournament and a Dungeons and Dragons workshop. There were also multiple panels that could be attended including a getting started in animation panel, the Cosplay 101 panel, and a Q&A with Vic Mignogna! Vic also signed autographs after his panel.

In Vic Mignogna’s panel, he explained, among many other things, what it is like to be a Christian working in the anime industry. God has always been a big part of Vic’s life and he likes to talk about his relationship with God at every event he attends. He has been a voice actor for 20 years and has acted in over 300 productions including Ouran High School Host Club, Full Metal Alchemist, and RWBY. One thing that he stressed during his panel was that he gives God all of the credit for where he is today.

Overall, Regent Con was a fun and exciting event! It was a great way for people to express themselves, hang out, and do what they love with others who feel the same.

Kylie Kisamore is a contributor to the Daily Runner.