Post-Winter Ball DTR numbers down due to inclement weather

Number of DTR’s at the Eternal Flame decreases dramatically due to threat of snow.

Fewer couples than ever DTR-ed at the Eternal Flame this year after the Christmas Ball, according to a new report. Experts cite inclement weather as the source of the small turnout, as temperatures dropped into the low thirties last night.

The Eternal Flame, which stands for CBN and Regent’s mission to spread the Gospel to the world, is one of the most popular places on campus for couples to “define the relationship” (DTR); the Founder’s Inn garden comes in a close second. DTR-ing is an important stage in any relationship as the couple discusses the status of their romantic attachment, or figures out what they “are” exactly. The Eternal Flame has become a hotspot for DTR activities over the years due to its relative privacy and convenient aesthetic.

We reached out to a couple who braved the icy precipitation. Despite the cold, they made the pilgrimage to the Flame – in their formal attire, no less. “I’m so glad [we] were able to DTR,” said one partner. “Now I know exactly what to tell my family and friends back home over the holidays!” DTR-ing allows long-distance couples to share photos with confidence.

Due to the treacherous weather, however, most aren’t as lucky. Many couples are having to go home without DTR-ing. “What do I tell my mom? I don’t even know what we are!” commented a concerned student. “I’m just praying things aren’t too awkward in January,” said another. Those who couldn’t make it out to the Flame should hunker down for a long six weeks.

While the record lows this Christmas Ball are rather discouraging, experts predict a higher turnout in January as a result.

The Eternal Flame was not available for comment.

Sara Waits is the senior editor of The Daily Runner.