New Trailer For Batman V Superman Released

“You should not pick a fight with this person.”

A new trailer for the upcoming DC Comics-based film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped a couple days ago, bringing along with it a lot of interesting fan feedback.  Watch the controversial trailer below…

In my opinion, the trailer should have ended around the 2:17 mark.  By showing the ultimate villain, Doomsday, the filmmakers have opened a mystery box that should have stayed closed!  We all knew Batman and Superman would eventually stop fighting and team up.  After all, “Dawn of Justice” is the key phrase in the movie’s title.  We knew this film would ultimately set up the formation of a Justice League debut… But by showing how all this comes about, director Zack Snyder and his team have taken away a huge draw that the film had.

Time will tell if Batman V Superman has more to reveal, though hopefully the trailers will be more cryptic going forward.  I’m still going to see this superhero smackdown, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that this trailer made me a lot less optimistic.

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