Harvest Fest 2020

Autumn is slowly making its way to Virginia Beach, and while the weather doesn’t quite reflect it for this Pennsylvania-raised girl, campus events are coming up that reassure me that fall is, in fact, here. 

Harvest Fest is part of SAB’s Student Appreciation week, which spanned from October 5th to October 10th. In a conversation with SAB member Ruth Dorilas prior to the event, she assured me that everyone could look forward to a lot of fun with fall-themed food, games, and more. While some games and set-up may look a bit different due to COVID-19 restrictions, students can still rest in the fact that the event would be a blast. 

Upon my own attendance of the event, I must say that SAB did not disappoint. On and off campus students alike gathered to enjoy activities like pumpkin painting, corn-hole, a pumpkin ring toss, and much more. Autumn-enthusiasts who won the more competitive activities earned miniature pies to enjoy as they reveled in their victory. For those that came for a good time and a good photo-op, SAB set up a bench with adorable decorations to pose around. If you came hungry, you did not leave as so. Food from the Ordinary was warm and comforting, the perfect pairing for fall fun. All in all, the event provided a safe and fun environment for students to enjoy. 

As we are  in the midst of unprecedented circumstances, our school and other colleges are trying to figure out whether or not to have events like these. Some schools have chosen to opt out of it entirely, but Regent has chosen to step out and keep doing events, while still respecting regulations, of course. In a conversation with SAB’s Vice President, Natalee Wilson, I asked her exactly why she viewed these events as so important despite the challenges they may bring in current times. She told me, “SAB has continued to provide events for students amid COVID-19. We are very blessed to be able to run safe events that have followed the university’s guidelines. Our events have always been focused on fun for students and a way to escape the stress of homework. Now more than ever is that important, as other clubs are unable to have events and as students are longing for human interaction after months off campus.” 

With these encouraging words from SAB leadership, I find myself excited at the prospect of many more successful events to come. I hope you join me in seeing what they have in store.