Fashion Fridays: Janine Hatcher

Fashion Friday comes to you this week from sunny Florida! I photographed the couture-loving Janine Hatcher (JH) as we hung out pool-side at an Orlando resort. Janine had a lot of insight for looking cute and surviving a day in Virginia Beach (which we know exhibits each of the four seasons).

HH: “So since we are approaching spring, what kind of warm weather fashion trends will you definitely take part in?”

JH: “I’m looking forward to wearing fun, light-colored blazers with nice, dark, fitted pants or jeans. I’m definitely wearing fedora hats with fun, flouncy skirts and printed dresses. And of course I can’t forget wedges, which can go perfectly with any pant outfit or dress.”

fashion fridays 3.2HH: “I like where you are going with the wedges! How do you assemble your outfits with the weird Virginia weather at this time of year? Are there any staples that you have found to be tried and true no matter what it’s like outside?”

JH: “With our weather being so in and out, I’ve come to find that jackets and cardigans are essential articles! They’re simply something quick to throw on over any dress or blouse that can keep you dry when it rains, or that you can take off after the sun comes out and it warms up.”

HH: “What is your favorite season to dress for? Spring or winter?”

JH: “Oh, most definitely spring! I feel like I can dress with more variety and with so much more color! Winter tends to limit a lot of the things you can wear.”

Janine, I totally get that its a bummer having to leave the gorgeous Florida and return to fickle Virginia, but you have made us all at The Daily Runner excited for the beginning of Spring! T-minus 28 days everyone! Get ready.

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