Campus Ministries: Inside Life Groups

Life groups are an amazing aspect of Campus Ministries. They create space for a community like no other. Friends and hall-mates gather together once a week for a unique time of fellowship where members can share their thoughts, hopes, and fears. Life group leaders provide weekly lessons in which there is room for open discussion, and the group can come together to spend time in God’s word. There is a life group for every hall on every floor in the Commons, as well as for everyone in the Village and for commuters. There is so much awaiting students within life groups, and I’m here to give you an inside look on what makes them so great. 

I could share so much about my own experiences with life groups. I could tell you about how much love my life group leaders poured out for my hall freshman year, or about how much the girls I am a life group leader for currently have touched my heart. However, I also know that there is so much to learn by reaching out to the community around you. I put a message out on social media asking Regent students to share why they love life groups, and their responses were incredible to read. RAs, life group members, and life group leaders alike shared their hearts with me, and in turn I wanted to share a bit with you. 

RA Jacob Neer said, “I love the community aspect. Fellowshipping with others weekly is invaluable.” 

There were several responses from life group members/attendees. Elaina Jones said (in response to the question of what she loved about life group), “Community! The support is so valuable and encouraging. Another life group member, Rachael Six, said: “The welcoming atmosphere that allows people to share burdens and gain support” was something she loved about life group. 

Lastly, I wanted to share the hearts of some of our life group leaders. Catie Dansby responded by saying: “I love the community building on our hall!” Julie Gephardt, another life group leader, said, “I love seeing the stress of school melt away as the girls enter our room, and their vulnerability!” 

There were so many more responses, and I wish I could share them all; but these should provide a good look into the heart behind life groups. 

The overwhelming commonality in the answers I received were those pertaining to community, and that’s what I wanted to end on. The community that life groups offer is unlike any other. Often, when Regent students are asked what they love most about Regent in general, their answer relates to or is explicitly the community that is fostered here. I think life groups have a part in that. There is so much heart behind each and every meeting, and the conversation is so life-giving and God-honoring. 

Regent students- if you are seeking a community that will build you up and encourage you in love, I encourage you to visit a life group. For readers who are not able to attend life groups, I encourage you to find a group- whether that’s an at home Bible study, a small group at church, or something else, it is really great to have a Christ-centered community. However, in particular, the life group community at Regent is special, and the impact it leaves on its members provides all the evidence needed to support such a statement.