Fashion Friday’s: First Fellow

The Daily Runner has the pleasure of featuring Brandon Vera (BV) in this week’s installment of Fashion Friday. Brandon is the President and Music Director of First Edition, Secretary of Lambda Pi Eta, and a columnist here at The Daily Runner just like yours truly. Brandon is also one darn dapper dude in my book, so people of Regent take notes.

HH :”How do you feel about the two square feet known as the men’s section of Forever 21 at MacArthur Center?”

BV” “It’s upsetting. Because women have the entire store, they don’t usually have to find their clothes online. In my case, if I find a t-shirt that I like, but it happens to be an extra-large, I have to resort to online shopping. However, if I don’t like the fit, then I have to go through the process of returning it. I guess the positive side of having two square feet of shopping space is how little time I need to look through the racks.”

HH: “Wow, even the positive side is kind-of depressing. I actually like taking a long time going through the racks. Okay, let’s talk about your shirt. I love the simple stitching of the words, “This is Home.””

BV: “Haha. Well, my sister actually bought that shirt for me. I don’t wear white much. When I do, though, it usually has some sort of subtle graphic, or something special about it. My style is very minimal and simple. I like wearing neutral colors since it is easy to mix and match with. I don’t like taking long to put an outfit together. So, having a simple colored wardrobe is easy to deal with. Also, I cannot stand the combination of pink and purple together. And green. It reminds me of Barney. And, I don’t want to be Barney. Just thought I’d share that.”

HH: “Thanks for that expression of your deep seated animosity towards the purple dinosaur that literally defined my childhood. (I meant that in the most non-passive-aggressive way possible.)”

BV: “I was more of a Bear in the Big Blue House fan.”

HH: “Oh. I did not like that show because of that annoying mousy thing.”

BV: “With the exception of the mouse, that was my favorite show.”

HH: “Anyway, who do you look up to in terms of style?”

BV: “There’s this “Tumblr-ist” (I don’t know if that’s a word, but whatever) named Peter Adrian. His style blog has kind of shaped what I wear or how I would like to dress. But, in general, I pretty much tend to stay in the casual, relaxed style that is comprised of jeans and a t-shirt or crew-neck sweater. As long as it’s “classy-comfortable,” I’m happy.”

HH: “Well, classy and comfortable makes me happy too.”

Brandon, gracias for all of the sage style advice, and keep on being awesome. Now, to get the Barney theme song out of my head…