Fashion Friday: Angie Cibene

Angie Cibene (AC) should be congratulated on several different things:

1.) Her engagement to the handsome Joe Ledyard.

2.) The fact that she is so awesome.

3.) And being the first very first person featured in The Daily Runner‘s new column “Fashion Friday.”

I recently had the honor of photographing and interviewing Miss Cibene, who I consider to be one of Regent University’s fashion mavens. Regarding her personal style, here’s what Angie had to say:

HH: I’m pretty sure that this is a BuzzFeed quiz, but who is your style icon?

AC: The elegant class of Audrey Hepburn, of course. And the modern, edgy style of Emma Watson and Keira Knightley.

HH: Can you give us any hints as to how your classy style will appear in your upcoming wedding?

AC: Think very 1920’s, Daisy Buchanan meets modern-day chic.

HH: When you wake up in the morning, how do you pick out an outfit?

AC: Depends on the morning! I am not a premeditated outfit kind of person. If I wake up feeling like being cozy, then I’ll throw on leggings and a sweater. If I wake up feeling like I wanna look killer, then you better believe I will.

HH: What is you favorite go-to store or shopping website?

AC: I’ve got several, but if I had to choose, I’d say Anthropologie and Cotton On.

HH: Do the styles of the people you hang out with influence you at all? (In other words, does my fashion sense influence you when you shop? Hehehe…)

AC: Definitely! I am a big advocate of looking for inspiration everywhere. I’m often inspired by others around me, and it causes me to take what I see and turn it into the chic, edgy style that I love!

Angie, The Daily Runner and I thank you for your inspiration and can’t wait to see what you wear next!