Fashion Friday: Alyssa Esposito

I am so happy that Alyssa Esposito (AE) is my Fashion Friday victim this week! Alyssa is the Associate Editor of The Daily Runner. She has a pretty fun bio which says that she loves Italian food (but really, who doesn’t?) and singing. This girl has a lovely voice that would make a Disney princess jealous. Not only does she have some angelic pipes, she also has a pretty wardrobe.

HH: Your necklace is so elegant and compliments your ensemble perfectly! Where did you get it?

AE: I actually got it from JCPenney. I bought it to go with my 2013 winter ball dress.

HH: JCPenney knows what’s up. How did you decide what to pair with your sage-y skirt?

AE: Well I usually wear really simple necklaces, but with the solid colors, I thought that something a little more sparkle would pull it together. Then I remembered that I had that necklace.

HH: One of the greatest feelings in the world is suddenly finding the perfect piece while rummaging through your dresser. As the weather continues to get warmer, I must ask if you prefer dressing for spring and summer or fall and winter.

AE: I definitely prefer spring and summer. I love warm weather, and I’m all about cute sundresses and pairing skirts with a nice blouse or tank top and cardigan. I also love floral prints and pastel colors!

With Easter and 75 degree weather right around the corner, I think Alyssa is going to be one happy girl!


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