A Different Kind of Party at the O

Photo: by The Daily Runner Photographer Michaela VanGorder

On Friday, September 25th at 10:00 pm, a fantastic party took place in the Regent University Ordinary. Hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB), this year’s Party at the O was beach themed and was fairly exclusive, since only fifty people were allowed to attend. The Ordinary was decorated with fun flip-flops and bouncing beach balls to kick around. When guests made their way to the second story of the Ordinary, they found an array of fizzy drinks, chips, and sweet treats. Once the DJ started the music, the students had quite a blast line-dancing to songs like Cotton Eye Joe and Church Clap. Although it was harder to dance with masks on, the students were vigilant in respecting those around them. These precautions will allow SAB and other university organizations to put on future events. This includes full time mask wearing unless one is eating or drinking and avoiding activities that require direct contact with other students.

Most of those attending were freshman students, since the party was aimed at encouraging freshmen to socialize and meet new friends. One of these freshman attendees said, “It was great to get a taste for an SAB event and meet new people, especially with it being hard to socialize right now.” 

Around midnight,  the students trickled back into their dorms or cars, all exhausted but satisfied with their first successful Regent party. 

This was only the first campus SAB party and it was a great time.  SAB will host equally awesome events in the future, so don’t forget to look for flyers and emails for what’s next! Student Appreciation Week is October 5-10, and all are welcome to participate in the exciting activities that will be put on!


Savannah Guenzi

Savannah Guenzi is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.