Homesickness Help Event: October 7th

Are you having trouble settling in to college life? Feeling homesick, disoriented, or just need a supportive outlet as you adjust to college life? Whether you’re in need of general guidance, professional support, or just want a listening ear, Regent can help!

Come join our virtual event on Wednesday, October 7, at 7pm! The event will feature a presentation on how to deal with any feelings of homesickness, maladjustment, or loneliness. It will include discussions with fellow students where you can speak and listen to others sharing similar struggles to your own. Information on PSC, therapy, and counseling will also be available.

In addition to these activities, feel free to share any homesickness tips or recommendations that you find helpful. We do ask that you refrain from delving into intense personal details so that we can maintain constructive and encouraging discussion. 

Would you like to attend? Simply RSVP to in order to receive your email link. This online event is open to all freshman, first year graduate students, transfers, and first year international students at Regent. Let us equip you with the information you need so that you can begin your first year at Regent on a healthy, strong, and positive note!