4 Quotes from billionaires to get through your semester

The spring semester has just begun, and the essays and exams are starting to pile up again. Not only is the struggle “way too real,” trying to stay motivated becomes difficult. It comes to the point where you need some inspiration rather than drinking that fourth cup of coffee followed by an espresso shot. So, here are four billionaires who persevered and are letting you know that you can do it.


Many times, our bad experiences affect the way we perceive our present and future. On one hand, this can kill our motivation and color our world with pessimism. On the other, it can fuel our drive to do better, conquer our fears, and even change the world. Oprah chose the latter.

Having dealt with an abusive past, Oprah has overcome countless obstacles. Nevertheless, she hosted one of the most popular talk shows, created her own television network, and even starred in award-winning movies. Through her hardships, she learned lessons of courage and wisdom that has resonated with people for years. She refuses to succumb to negativity and is admired for her unbridled tenacity. So listen to Oprah and use your past to your advantage. Who knows, you may become a billionaire yourself.


Let’s face it: taking risks are risky. But we also tend to remain in our comfort zones and miss out on the possibilities of life. We become less motivated to achieve greater and limit the extent of our abilities. Perhaps the chance you take may be the best decision you have ever made. Mark certainly did.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, is a testament to taking grand risks. For example, while in high school, Zuckerberg created a music program called Synapse and declined AOL and Microsoft’s lucrative offers. Even more so, when he created Facebook, he declined MTV and Yahoo!’s partnerships. He believed that he could reach success on his own. Now look at what he has become!

So take a risk and step out of your comfort zone. But don’t break the law. That kind of defeats the purpose.


In the midst of chaos, we lose track of our potential. That quiz you failed, that paper you submitted late, and that deadline you missed does not mean you are incompetent. Unfortunate circumstances happen to everyone and mistakes are inevitable. J. K. Rowling certainly understands this.

Before Harry Potter, Rowling was a struggling, single mother whose book idea had been rejected multiple times. But did she stop? No, and thank goodness. She sold her first novel for $4,000. After completing the series — complemented by successful film installments — she earned her spot in the billionaire club.

Despite your struggles, do not let failure get the best of you. As Dumbledore wisely says, “it is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities.” So choose to do greater and keep moving on.


People often feel lost in life, especially in college. You may not know what major to pursue or what career truly makes you happy. During this time, you may feel a lack of purpose and wonder what is your calling. It is important to remind yourself that you are here for a reason. Do not be discouraged by the unknown. Steve Jobs understands you.

Although Jobs was clearly intelligent, he was also directionless. Before Apple, he dropped out of college, took a calligraphy class, and became a video game designer. Afterward, he left to find enlightenment in India, experimented with psychedelic drugs, and finally returned to create his famous computer in his garage.

As you can see, Jobs took a few detours before finding his calling. That is what life is about. It is a roller coaster full of ups and downs that eventually leads us to our destination. But I wouldn’t advise you to drop out of college or take psychedelic drugs. Just saying.

Hopefully you take these billionaire’s journeys as proof of perseverance. Keep on moving, always achieve your best, and stretch your limits. Although I am not a billionaire, know that I believe in you too.