Tell us your Regent squirrel story!

Spend any amount of time on Regent’s campus and something you’re bound to notice at one point or another is its exceedingly healthy squirrel population.  You’ll be admiring how beautiful the campus is at one moment, and the next you’ll be distracted by two squirrels engaging in what appears to be a battle of epic proportions.  Or perhaps you’ll be walking along when suddenly you notice a pair of tiny, rodent eyes staring at you from behind a tree.  The fact is that they are everywhere, and they are awesome.

A few days ago, the Huffington Post released a list of colleges most obsessed with squirrels.  While this may seem a tad unusual, the list is surprisingly long—not to mention highly entertaining.  If you’re looking to kill a good ten minutes of your time, this list is definitely a worthwhile way to do so.

In spite of all this, however, Regent unfortunately did not make the list.  In an effort to remedy this, we want you to tell us your favorite Regent squirrel stories.  Who knows–maybe one day we’ll finally be recognized for our awesome squirrels!

Tell us your story in the comments below!