New Short Film ‘Swing of Things’ to Release Fall 2022

Regent students have once again come together to create an all-new short film! Written, directed, and produced by Michael Sencindiver, ‘Swing of Things’ follows the story of an awkward young man named Andrew. In the narrative, Andrew attends his college swing dance club, where he meets Julianna, who helps him truly get into the “swing of things.” 

This piece features many Regent students in the cast and crew, some of whom you may have seen in previous Regent student productions! The leading roles are played by Aaron Brewer, Bethany Paulsen, Charles Jones, and Cassidy Watkinson. 

The film will be shooting March 19 and 20, and the film is set to release in the Fall semester of 2022. If you know how to dance and would be interested in being in a film, please reach out to Michael Sencindiver at or to Michael Beam at