C-3PO’s Mysterious Red Arm

Speculation and anticipation continue to intensify as the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens draws ever closer.

It seems C-3PO, one of Star Wars’ beloved characters, is getting a slight color change in the new film…

This continues the trend we see in every glimpse we get of Abrams’ vision for the future of Star Wars: an honored legacy, rejuvenated by fresh aesthetics.  The Stormtroopers are getting new, sleek uniforms.  The X-wings accents are colored blue, rather than red.  The Rebels and Empire are getting new names.  Abrams is continuing George Lucas’ tradition of crafting a world that shows age and legacy.

We don’t know what the story is behind that new arm… But the mystery itself only stokes the flames of anticipation as we wait impatiently for the release of The Force Awakens…
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