Write for The Daily Runner!

We know you’re at Regent to learn new things, gain experience and obtain a degree. Part of this—whether it’s with The Daily Runner or one of Regent’s many student organizations—is being involved outside the classroom. By branching out beyond your textbooks, you’re acquiring the various skills and pieces of knowledge that can’t be obtained in a classroom experience alone. Your future employees will be looking for a resume that shows you did more than just drag yourself to class every day.  That’s where we come in.

A lot of the time, we hear from people who are concerned about the level of commitment it might take to work for the Runner.  And while we love our committed writers, we also understand what it’s like to be way too busy with school and life.  That’s why The Daily Runner is a perfect fit—since we fit easily into your academic schedule, you can go above and beyond without sacrificing your GPA.  Even if you’re only able to submit an article or two throughout the semester, we’ll still be grateful for your contribution.

And remember, The Daily Runner is an open invitation to every Regent student.  This is your newspaper after all!  Take advantage of that fact and make it your goal to contribute this semester.  Your future self with thank you.

To get involved, simply email your articles to josh@dailyrunneronline.com.  Here’s what we’re looking for:

1) Articles.  It doesn’t matter what your major is or your degree of writing talent—we want to hear what you have to say.  Whether it’s a well-researched piece of expert journalism or simply an opinion piece where you do nothing but express yourself.  It’s important.  As long as your article or essay fits into one of our five categories, we’ll do our best to get it on the site.

2) Personality.  We’ve been dipping our toes into producing video content over this past year, and now we want to take that a step further.  We’re looking to keep things light, funny and entertaining.  If you’re not too sure about writing articles but think you would be a good fit for hosting one of our news shows, do not hesitate to join!

3) Ideas.  Say there’s something The Daily Runner isn’t doing that you think we should be doing.  We are constantly looking for new ways to tell Regent stories, and we’re open to whatever ideas you might have.  There’s also a pretty good chance we’ll let you spearhead it!