Who did it better, Super Bowl LII or LIII?

Super Bowl LIII had some great commercials! But were they better than last year’s? Find out below!

Well folks, another Super Bowl has come and gone, and once again here is my list of the top commercials from the game! Below is a comparison of the top ten commercials from this year and how they stacked up next to the commercials from last year according to rank. After each comparison, a commercial will be named the winner between the two. Which commercials did the best from the last two years may surprise you!

10) 2019 Avocados from Mexico vs. 2018 The Voice

2019’s commercial starring Kristin Chenoweth found its humor in having humans compete against one another in a dog show-style competition with the twist of the dogs being the judges, all for a chance at the grand prize—avocados from Mexico.

The 2018 ad for The Voice was cute and creative, featuring the coaches on a farm singing with a choir of people to promote the new season. While it got me excited for the new season of the show, the Avocados from Mexico ad this year wins between these two for its strange, yet heartwarming ability to create the desire for some fresh avocado dip, and a deep appreciation for all the pooches out there competing in dog shows.

Winner: 2019 Avocados from Mexico

9) 2019 Bubly vs. 2018 Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans

The first ad stars Michael Bublé inside a grocery store trying to convince others (and himself) that the sparkling water is not pronounced “bubbly,” but rather “Bublé.”

The Rocket Mortgage ad with Keegan-Michael Key and Big Sean helps people in all kinds of circumstances understand what things really mean—whether it’s the hairdresser, an online dating app, or trying to get approved for a mortgage. While I liked this commercial for its honesty and humor, the 2019 commercial for Bubly featuring Michael Bublé was simple and gave me a good laugh.

Winner: 2019 Bubly

8) 2019 Olay vs. 2018 Tide

This year’s commercial by Olay with Sarah Michelle Gellar had a bit of a thrilling start, focusing on a couple running away from a murderer on the loose in a classic horror film scenario. The woman cannot open her phone with facial recognition to call for help because she has been using Olay, and her skin is so improved that her phone does not recognize her.

In 2018, Tide created havoc with their ads, informing everyone that all ads with clean clothes are indeed ads for Tide because they are the only brand out there to help get such clean clothes. They did this by using iconic scenes of commercials that people see every year during the Super Bowl—from car, perfume, and fabric softener commercials, to specific brand commercials, like Old Spice, Mr. Clean, and Budweiser—but switched it up so these clips ended up being ads for Tide. While I enjoyed this year’s #8 Olay commercial, 2018’s Tide ad compilations win this round for their dedication to recreating so many different ads to perfectly fit their brand.

Winner: 2018 Tide

7) 2019 Hyundai vs. 2018 Amazon

Hyundai showed us what people getting off of an elevator were going to encounter: the cramped seats of a plane, the dinner party without good food, or the son who was supposed to have “the talk” with his dad. All of the people on this elevator were not going to something pleasant—except for the people who were going to the Hyundai room to look at cars versus the car dealer lot.

While Hyundai showed the funny but real truth of all kinds of life’s unpleasant events, last year’s Amazon commercial of an all-star cast with Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Jeff Bezos, and Anthony Hopkins as the voices of Alexa still entertains and gives me the greater laugh.

Winner: 2018 Amazon

6) 2019 T-Mobile vs. 2018 Australia.com

T-Mobile had quite a few ads featuring different types of text messages that people receive, from the very long-winded response to “What’s up?” or the guy who confided in his Lyft driver thinking it was a friend. My personal favorite was the text focusing on the discussion between the father who thought his child was Google.

Last year’s tourism ad for Australia featuring Danny McBride as the son of Crocodile Dundee and Chris Hemsworth as his guide was genius to me; it appeared to be a very fascinating movie trailer and twisted itself into an ad. I really liked T-Mobile’s many short, text message commercials that were completely relatable, but I have to give it to Australia.com for their originality.

Winner: 2018 Australia.com

5) 2019 Pringles vs. 2018 M&M’s

Pringles started this ad making you think that it was just a guy talking about the flavors of Pringles he was stacking on top of each other, until his “Alexa”-like device begins to give a heartfelt monologue about how she will never know what it is like to have a Pringle.

Last year’s M&M’s commercial featuring Danny DeVito as the famous red M&M come-to-life was adorable, heartbreaking, and hilarious all at once, which is exactly how I felt about this year’s Pringles commercial. For me this is too close to call between which number 5 spot on my list is better.

Winner: Tie

4) 2019 Microsoft vs. 2018 Avocados from Mexico

Microsoft’s ad really touched my heart and put a big smile on my face. Their featured ad this year was about a new adaptive controller they made for people who have difficulties using a regular video game controller. There were numerous kids featured in the ad, some of whom had partial limbs or other impairments that made using a regular controller challenging. With this new controller, they can play along with friends and family just like anyone else.

While I loved the good laugh in last year’s Avocado ad, as the people of a newfound utopian society panicked over the separation of their chips from their avocados, there really is no comparison over which #4 ad wins here: 100% Microsoft. The inspiring message of the kids’ bravery and confidence in themselves and the hope that they have for their lives despite any challenges is not only touching, but something we should all aspire to be more like.

Winner: 2019 Microsoft

3) 2019 Kia’s Telluride vs. 2018 Toyota’s ad for the Paralympics

The Kia ad really spoke depths to me as I watched, intensely listening about the people of West Point, Georgia who assemble Kia’s vehicles. For me, it was great to see the acknowledgement of hardworking people that, although they are not famous, influence millions every day by what they create. I thought this was the perfect homage to people in the workforce all over the world; whether someone’s job is glamorous or not, people can see the impact that it has on society.

I can say that this is way too close to call because of the unique and inspiring messages that each ad tells. Toyota’s ad for the Paralympics featured Paralympian Lauren Woolstencroft, who showed the world that no matter your background, challenges, or circumstances, determination and hard work can help you achieve any dream. I also loved Kia’s commercial for its tribute to the normal people who do so much to make the world a better place.

Winner: Tie

2) 2019 Amazon vs. 2018 Budweiser

This year, Amazon revealed to the world some failures at putting Alexa into the most interesting items, including dog collars and hot tubs.

Although last year’s Budweiser commercial was out of the norm from their iconic Clydesdale horses, it still was a very riveting advertisement that showed their actions getting water to victims of horrific natural disasters that had occurred only a few months prior. As much as I find this year’s Amazon ad to be clever and amusing, I have to pick last year’s Budweiser ad that reminded us we should never forget or ignore those in need.

Winner: 2018 Budweiser

2019 1) NFL’s “100-Year Game” for Super Bowl LIII vs. 2018 NFL Super Bowl LII ad

The 2019 ad brought together great football legends of the past and present in one impromptu game of football during a very classy reception to honor one hundred years of the NFL. This was not only a funny ad, but it brought back great memories for football fans both young and old.

The hysterical 2018 ad, featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr., recreating the famous ending dance scene of Dirty Dancing is still one of my favorite ads of all time. However, I thought this year’s Super Bowl LIII ad topped it just enough as a well-done ad that was heartening and enjoyable.

Winner: 2019 Super Bowl LIII

It’s clear that every Super Bowl has commercials that stick with us as the “funniest,” “cutest,” or the “most heartwarming,” but the exciting adventure of seeing what each year will hold for Super Bowl commercial junkies is by far better than any one commercial.

Abby Trivett is a staff writer for the Daily Runner.

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett is the former senior editor for The Daily Runner and is a current Regent masters student.