Watch This Awesome Star Wars Interview

Last week, Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy interviewed the leading cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And it was awesome.  You can watch the full video below, but if you don’t have the twenty-two minutes to spare,  We’ve picked out a few key quotes from the interview for your reading pleasure… Enjoy!

Harrison Ford “doesn’t care” who shot first.

For decades, fans have debated the details of a scene from the original 1977 cut of Star Wars.  The debate?  Some fans claimed that Han Solo (played by Ford) shot bounty hunter Greedo before being shot at.  This would obviously suggest that Han Solo is a ruthless character, not giving much mind to when and how he kills.  Other fans stand by the belief that Greedo did indeed shoot first, causing Han Solo to act in self-defense.  Unfortunately, the way the scene is edited, it is impossible to know who exactly is correct… Well, that was until director George Lucas published the re-edit of the original trilogy in the early 2000’s.  Lucas edited the scene to make it clear that Greedo shot first.  This, of course, outraged a huge crowd of Han-shot-first believers.  Thus, the debate of who truly shot first began.  Apparently, Harrison doesn’t care at all who shot first.  He said, “If George cut it that way, that’s the way it should be.”  We like that.

Rey is going to fly the Millennium Falcon.

Okay, I know we already knew this from the trailers… But I could not overlook this confirmation!  Daisy Ridley (who will play Rey in the film) is noticeably siked as she delivers this news.  Could this be another allusion to the rumor of Rey being the daughter of Han Solo?  Maybe so.  But why is Rey flying the Falcon, not Han?  From the trailers, it seems to be the new planet, Jakku, where Rey is piloting the ship.  Ah, the speculation continues.

The Lightsaber props used for the film actually light up.

Director J.J. Abrams and his team of movie-making magicians are so committed to organic lighting and practical effects, that they designed special, light-emitting lightsabers for the actors to hold while shooting the film.  John Boyega, who will play Finn, loved being able to hold something so vibrant and authentic.  He even said that the blades would flash when two lightsabers were clashed together.  When asked why this was so essential, Abrams said, “I didn’t even realize how important that was until we tried it… The interactive light was so significant… It was as bright as the actual lightsabers themselves… It’s a cool thing to see what it’s actually like to have something that bright, that red, or that blue on someone.”

“Will” is the second spoken word in The Force Awakens.

A couple weeks ago, on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, J.J. Abrams revealed the first spoken word in the new film, “this.”  So when McCarthy asked Abrams if he would be so kind as to tell us the second word, the director was apprehensive… But he gave it to us.  “will” is the second spoken word of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  “This will…”

There’s so much more to take from this interview, but I’ve highlighted the most important parts above.  Keep coming back to the Daily Runner for movie news!

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Photo courtesy: Vantiy Fair
Interview: Fox 5