Wasting Your Tuition: 5 Underused Library Resources

Regent University has a commitment to its students clearly stated in its mission statement:

“Regent University serves as a center of Christian thought and action to provide excellent education through a Biblical perspective and global context equipping Christian leaders to change the world.”

Regent finances many resources for its students to enable them to rise to the challenge of being better scholars, researchers and critical thinkers. While the university may be lacking in competitive sports teams and elaborate dining halls, it can easily rival any of the best schools in Virginia with its University Library department.

What some students don’t realize is the cost of university tuition does not simply include classes and fees. Regent, like most universities, is invested in the success of its students academically. The University Library is a reflection of that investment, as well as its commitment to quality education—Christian or not. Access to the library is one of the most valuable benefits of being an on-campus student. However, many of these benefits go untouched and unused. Here are five University Library resources every student should be taking advantage of:

1. Private Study Rooms

Many students who live on campus may find themselves in the sticky situation of not having a place to study or plan as a group. Perhaps their dorm room is a mess, the ordinary is too loud and they don’t want to be disturbed in the middle of the library. Regent’s library provides private study rooms that can accommodate small groups of up to 10 students. These rooms are available by reservation only, and students can reserve by simply calling the University Library.

2. Media Room 214

Regent has a substantial collection of audiovisual resources. Room 214 of the library houses a variety of DVD’s and VHS’s. There is a wide range of material available, including informational documentaries, self-help and motivational videos, leadership training videos, seminars and even presidential speech recordings. The media room even contains several entertainment movies, such as “Star Wars,” “Rocky” and “The Princess Bride.” Students can also ask the librarian for a television to view the media if it is not already in use.

3. Copy Services

Copy Services is located on the ground floor of the University Library to the left of the entrance. Copy Services offers a wide range of services, including printing, laminating, faxing and binding. These come at just a fraction of the cost of outside printing services such as Kinko’s or Office Depot.

4. Librarians

When it comes to scholarly research, Regent University professors uphold uncompromising standards. Students can become overwhelmed when they begin research on a project, especially with the plethora of research avenues available to them now. The library has a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary research materials that are easily accessible to them—however, students may not know how and where to obtain it. This is one reason why Regent University Library employs highly skilled librarians, many of whom have advanced degrees in addition to their extensive library credentials. The librarians play an integral role in building the library collection and can provide expert guidance in advanced research techniques. Even a student familiar with the library would probably be blown away by how much more depth is available to them simply by asking a librarian for help. Two of the staff librarians at Regent University have been serving Regent students for over 20 years and are always eager to assist any student who asks.

5. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILLiad) is a university borrowing and loaning service. Through ILLiad, the library can obtain books, articles, book chapters and other research materials that are not owned by Regent University. This means that almost any academic journal or newspaper that Regent is not subscribed to is still available to students. University Libraries that participate in ILLiad include academic giants such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and MIT, as well as neighboring schools like Old Dominion, George Mason and Virginia Tech. With this service, students can obtain books and articles, both physically and electronically, from any library in the network. This is an expensive service, and students bear the costs with their tuition payments—yet rarely reap the benefits. One reason may be because it denies students the convenience of instant gratification. ILLiad is not procrastinator-friendly: while journal articles are emailed to students within 1-3 days of the request, a physical book can take up to three weeks, depending on the shipping distance.  This time lag may seem cumbersome to most students, but, as many bright scholars know, a great source can make all the difference when it comes to a final grade. With a little forward planning, this service can prove to be priceless to an enterprising student

These services can help Regent students to become better researchers. If not that, they can at least make their lives a little bit easier and ensure that they are getting the most value for education. Why let those tuition dollars go to waste? Utilize the resources available in the Regent University Library today.


Rachel Sipe

Rachel hails from Virginia Beach but frequently daydreams of living on every continent of the world (sometimes Middle-Earth and Westeros find their way in there too). Rachel has many things in common with Winnie the Pooh: soft, cuddly, loves a boy, can't resist sweets, and when the going gets tough, it helps to sit on a log and think, think, think.