Virginia’s Second Congressional District Race

The race in Virginia’s Second Congressional District, Regent University’s home district, for the House of Representatives is predicted to be one of the closest in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. The seat is currently held by Democrat Elaine Luria, a former Naval Captain who was first elected in 2019. She is being challenged by Republican nominee Jen Kiggans, a state senator and nurse who is also a naval veteran.

Initially, many political analysts believed that Luria would be able to keep her seat since the district was rated only plus 2 Republican, according to FiveThirtyEight. However, now that the district has been redrawn, FiveThirtyEight ranks it as plus 6 Republican. Many of the most accurate polling organizations, including Cook Political Report, Inside Elections and Sabato’s Crystal Ball, rank the election as a toss-up. However, some polling organizations such as FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics rank the district as a lean Republican district, while others, such as DDHQ, say the district leans Democrat.

 Due largely to President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, Republicans are expected to flip enough seats to take back the House of Representatives this November. Currently, Democrats control the House of Representatives, holding 220 seats, while Republicans have 211 seats (there are also currently four vacancies). Virginia’s second district is seen as one of the Republicans’ biggest opportunities to pick up a seat in November.  

Last semester, Senator Kiggans came to Regent to speak with the Regent College Republicans about her story and how young people can become involved in politics. Her speech inspired several Regent Students to sign up to work for her campaign. One of these students, Zach Sprouse (CAS ‘24), shared why he chose to intern for Senator Kiggan’s campaign. “I want to go into a political career, so I wanted to volunteer for a few campaigns. I looked at her voting record and thought she would be a great candidate to support,” Sprouse said. “She supports many things I stand for, such as pro-life values, upholding the Second Amendment and keeping critical Race Theory and the transgender agenda out of schools.” Sprouse went on to say, “I do believe that Senator Kiggans will win. She has set up a very good campaign and has a great staff behind her. Her list of endorsements is lengthy, and her politics are strong.”

Many college students think that voting in congressional elections is a waste of time. However, voting is one of the easiest and most important ways to be a responsible citizen and help shape the future of America. In addition, sometimes just a few votes can decide the outcome of an entire election. This is especially true in Virginia Beach, which is known to be a swing area where elections often come down to the wire. For example, last year delegate Karen Greenhalgh, who now represents Regent in the Virginia House of Delegates, won her election by just 115 votes. The Virginia Second Congressional District race could turn out to be very close as well, so remember to vote on November 8th and make your voice heard!