Ukriane requesting financial aid

Recently, The Daily Runner reported on the bloodshed and unrest in Ukraine, which has led to the ousting of the Ukrainian President. As a result of this unrest, Ukraine has fallen into default and has many wounds which need to heal. However, there is little hope of Ukraine obtaining the financial aid it needs from either the European Union or the United States, according to Sara Carter of theBlaze.

The AP recently reported that Ukraine has requested aid from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Also, the Interim Finance Minister, Yuri Kolobov, spoke with ambassadors from both the United States and Europe to request urgent aide, according to Carter.

Steve Bucci, former assistant secretary of defense under Donald Rumsfeld, said, “The situation is too tenuous for Ukraine not to receive the financial support it needs.”  In addition, regional experts are concerned that Russia will be emboldened if Ukraine attempts to strengthen its ties to the west, according to Bucci. Ukraine is currently seeking a $35 billion loan.

“I am confident they will get verbal support – lots from the European Union, probably a bit from the U.S. They will get very little economic support, which is what they need,” said Bucci.  He also said there are indications that Ukraine has already received that message from the EU. But you hate to think “those people died and now we won’t help,” said Bucci.

According to a US official, the situation is being closely monitored by the US.  Moscow currently sees the situation “in Cold War terms” and is determined to contain Ukraine to its current realm of influence.  Mykola Zhuravel, an active protest leader during the unrest, “warned that if Americans do not stand by the side of the Ukrainian people, Russia may again rebuild its empire and present an even greater threat to western nations than it had in the past,” said Carter.

Katherine Zehnder

Katherine Zehnder

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