Top 10 Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

We all saw the big game (although calling it that is debatable). But even if the game wasn’t exactly an exciting feat of athletic brilliance, the commercials provided some comic relief and heartwarming moments. Here are the DR Super Bowl XLVIII Top 10 commercials.

1. Doritos’ “Time Machine” Commercial

The Doritos’ commercials never seem to disappoint. In this one, a clever child must find a way to travel through time and space to get his beloved bag of Doritos

2. Oikos’ “Spill” Commercial

While this one may have been mildly inappropriate, it was humorous and brought a “Full House” of fond memories back to us.

3. Budweiser’s’ “Puppy Love” Commercial

This was considered to be the official No. 1 2014 Super Bowl commercial. It is absolutely adorable, especially for all of you animal lovers out there.

4. VWs’ “100,000 Miles” Commercial

You’ll be surprised to learn what happens when your VW reaches 100,000 miles.

5. TurboTax’s’ “Love Hurts” Commercial

I think everyone whose team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl can relate to this one.

6. Cheerio’s “Gracie” Commercial

The young girl in this commercial certainly has some negotiation skills.

7. Audi’s “Doberhuahua” Commercial

This incredibly funny, yet off-the-wall commercial depicts the outrageous outcome of a Doberman and Chihuahua mixed breed. Never compromise!

8. Dorito’s “Cowboy Kid” Commercial

A young cowboy saves the world, one bag of Dorito’s at a time.

9. Heinz Ketchups’ “Happy and You Know It” Commercial

Squirting ketchup (or some other condiment) out of the bottle always seems to occur at the most awkward times.

10. T-Mobiles’ “No Contract No Worries” Commercial

Starring Tim Tebow, T-Mobile creates a very clever play on the fact that Tim Tebow was without a contract this season.

You can check out USA Today’s Official Top 2014 Super Bowl Commercials List here. Or check them all out here and decide for yourself.