The ups and downs of Distance Learning

Being a distance student at Regent University has it benefits, but it also has some downfalls.

Ups: flexible and affordable

One of the best parts of being a distance student is flexibility. You never have to get up and go to class, and you can sleep until noon if your work schedule permits it.  You can sleep in your own room, in the comfort of your own bed. Distance learning is beneficial for people that have to balance full-time jobs, families, and schooling. When the opportunity arises, you can travel if your budget permits it – without worrying about missing classes. For example, I have been able to go on many family vacations and mission trips that I would not have been able to go on if I had been an on-campus student.

Online classes are much more affordable than being on-campus; tuition for online classes is a fraction of the tuition for on-campus courses.

Downs: communication and exclusion

One of the biggest downfalls of being a distance student is that communication with professors is difficult. You can’t simply ask them a question after class, you have to email them or schedule a phone appointment. Sometimes it takes days for them to respond, which can impact your ability to properly complete your work. When there is a snow day or a holiday on campus, distance students still have work to do and taking a day off could be detrimental to grades.

The social aspect of campus is also missed. As a distance student, there are many exciting events held at Regent that you cannot attend. For instance, Regent N.O.W. events and the Christmas Ball. Of course, if you live in a land-locked state there is not access to a nearby beach like there is on campus as well.

There are clearly many different reasons why people may choose to attend Regent online or on-campus. The motivations for living on-campus or being a distance learner can change over time. When making the decision on how you will attend Regent, you must consider all the benefits and downfalls. After weighing all the options, that is when you can come to decision that best fits your lifestyle and the goals you wish to accomplish.

Haylee Caldwell is a contributor to The Daily Runner.